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Where To Stay In Positano Italy On A Budget

Things To Know Before You Go

TOP 5 TIPS for visiting POSITANO on a budget!
  • Language: Italian. Be sure to learn a few phrases. Youll get by with English, but its best to greet, say thank you, and goodbye in Italian.
  • Some useful phrases: Bongiorno ,
  • Currency: Euros. Most businesses take credit cards, but its best to have euros on hand for small purchases.
  • Weather: Positano faces all 4 seasons. In the Summer months from June-August expect hot temperatures. During shoulder season: Mid April-May & September-October youll have moderate temperatures with some chances of rain.
  • Phone Service: If you are traveling from the USA and want better phone service, get a TIM sim card. You can opt for a tourist plan of 35 for the sim card and plan for 200 minutes, 15GB LTE 4G & unlimited chat.
  • Time Zone: GMT +2
  • Outlets: Youll need to pack a type C plug adaptor for your trip to Itlay. You can buy a 3 pack with USB adaptors on Amazon. Having a few adaptors helps when you need to charge multiple devices at once.
  • Watch my Positano Italy Vlog on Youtube

    Via Marconi Amalfi Drive

    The Amalfi Drive is the road that connects Sorrento to Amalfi and follows the coast.

    The Positano section is called Via Marconi and this is where you will find the best deals.

    What is the catch? You are up to 1km from the beach, many steps from it. The view can be just as spectacular, however, you need to budget in some exercise.

    Here I suggest the Pensione Il Canneto. You can either walk down or catch a bus to the centre of Positano. The interior is probably not the most up to date one but the price is also a reflection of it. The view is again outstanding and the rooms are super clean.

    Another great alternative that is actually not as far from the beach is the Moro Di Positano. Clean rooms with a balcony and a fantastic view. Its a 15 minutes walk down to the centre, not too bad if you want some exercise, otherwise, the bus is the easier option. A great thing about Moro is that they offer a parking area, so if you are driving to Positano then this could be the option for you.

    Best Hostel In Italy Archi Rossi Hostel Florence

    Heading further north, we love Florence for its artistic spirit, as well as the Tuscany region as a whole for gorgeous scenery! This hostel comes with excellent customer ratings, and with such friendly service its easy to see why. Whats more with free breakfasts, coffee and walking tours, this is a great way to visit an otherwise expensive city on a budget.

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    Cheap Eats: Less Than 15

    There arent many places with cheaper grab & go bites, but they do exist. I particularly like these places for lunch, especially if I want to take away to eat it on the beach, or room. Here are some options:

    Pergola of Bar Buca Di Bacco: As its located right on the Spaggia Grande, I went here frequently for coffee, sliced pizza 5, and traveling Aperol Spritz 7.

    Lunch at Pergola, Bar Buca di Bacco

    Collina Bakery: Located in the center of town, right down the street from Le Sirenuse where they have small grab & go lunch options.

    Latteria: I wish I would have found this gem sooner! Right across from Hotel Poseidon, this is a deli style grocery store that has over the counter specialties. We ordered fresh octopus salad, pasta, meatballs, and two glasses of wine for 28 ! They also have cute patio seating in front.

    Best Airbnb In Fornillo: Casa Romantica

    Where to stay in Positano, Italy In 2021

    This family-friendly apartment is our favorite Airbnb in Fornillo thanks to its giant balcony and great value for money. The flat is spacious and features traditional furnishings. Large windows let in plenty of natural light and epic views, while the kitchen, lounge, and main bedroom lead out onto the terrace. Its central location means youll have everything in town within easy reach, and its an ideal base for taking day trips out.

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    Capri Or Positano Location Location Location

    It’s easy to reach the island of Capri via high-speed ferry from Naples or Sorrento all year long. There are also direct ferries to the island from Positano and Amalfi from April to October. It takes about an hour from Naples and 30 minutes from Sorrento and Positano to make the crossing.

    Positano is located at the far end of the Amalfi Coast just south of the Sorrentine Peninsula and can be reached by car or bus via a panoramic coastal road that winds its way along the water’s edge. There are ferry routes that only run during the summer months. Keep in mind that parking is limited and expensive if you are arriving by car.Amalfi, on the other hand, is located almost exactly halfway along the Amalfi Coast, so offers easy access to sights both north and south. Like Positano, Amalfi has ferry routes that connect the town to the islands and other locations along the coastline during the summer months. You can also reach Amalfi by car along the coastal road, though parking can be hard to find and expensive.

    You may be surprised to learn that even though it’s an island, you can reach Capri more easily than Positano or Amalfi from Naples. On the other hand, you can reach Positano or Amalfi at night by car or with a relatively inexpensive private transfer, whereas to get to Capri after the last ferry has left means taking an expensive private boat transfer.

    Instead: Stay In Ravello Or Minori

    About an hour away from Positano, youve got two great towns you can stayin instead for a much smaller price:

    • Ravello Ravello is perched in the hills with a stunning view over the sea. Theresa convenient bus between Ravello and Amalfi, Atrani, and Minori. Ravello hasgreat restaurants and is way less crowded than Positano or Amalfi. This iswhere we stayed, and Id do it again!Our Airbnb in particularwas absolutely amazing with sweeping sea views.

    • Minori Minori is one of the less visited towns, making it more popular withlocals than expensive locations like Amalfi or Positano. Its prettier thanits neighbor Maiori, and is also connected with Amalfi by a short bus ride.

    You could have this view if you stay in Ravello! From Ravello you can seeMinori and Maiori by night, which looks beautiful ð

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    Bring Your Own Towels

    The number one activity in Positano is to just lay on the beach,which seems like it wouldnt be that expensive, but think again!What, did you think youd be allowed to exist on the beach withoutpaying?

    Really, it would be fine to just lie on the public side of thebeach, except for the fact that its a stone beach, and its reallynot comfortable to just sit on it. But if youre really determined todo this on a budget, bring your own towel and itll lessen some ofthe discomfort. Otherwise, a chair and umbrella will set you backaround 20 euros during high season.

    Accommodation Prices In Positano

    Positano: 6 Reasons NOT To Visit | Positano, Amalfi Coast Italy Travel Guide

    You dont have to spend $1,000 a night to enjoy Positano, but hey if thats your style Id recommend the infinity pool suite at Villa Fiorentino! But if you didnt know, you CAN find budget friendly options in Positano if you book in advance.

    A healthy time frame would be 4/5 months, but if you are visiting during high season June-August I would book a year in advance secure the best rate for your room. A thing to remember is that there are no mega hotel chains in Positano. Most of the accommodations are Bed & Breakfasts run by the owners, or small boutique hotels. Prices do vary on the fact that the inventory of rooms are limited.

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    Where To Stay In Positano Italy

    Positano is a vertical village, and there is no denying that there are a lot of steps from the beach to any of the main roads. So keep that in mind when booking your accommodation in Positano, steps are inevitable.

    There are two roads in Positano: Amalfi Drive and Viale Pasitea. Any accommodation around Viale Pasitea to the beach is in a great location that is easily accessible to the beach and main square.

    Accommodations near Amalfi Drive will require an extra set of steps to reach the beach and main square.

    Things to know booking your accommodation:

    • Positano is home to many boutique hotels, quaint beds & breakfasts, and villas suited for large groups. You wont find any large chain brands on the Amalfi Coast, so your stay will feel unique.
    • Most luxury rooms will have a balcony or private terrace with a view.
    • Rooms go up in price during the high season. Its best to book in advance to lock in the best rooms & rates!

    Best Airbnb In Italy Sumptuous Villa Positano

    With stunning scenery and great links to Naples, Positano is our top pick in the South of Italy! This gorgeous Airbnb is quintessentially Italian, with a stunning balcony surrounded by plants. The interior is basic but stylish, with traditional furnishings and a very well equipped kitchen. If youre looking for the ultimate rural retreat, you cant go wrong with this villa.

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    Best Hostel In Chiesa Nuova: Hostel Brikette

    This hostel is our pick for where to stay in Chiesa Nuova. Located at the top of Positano, this hostel boasts a large terrace and breathtaking views. Its ideally located for travellers who love to sightsee and explore. They offer high-tech electronic door lock and private lockers.

    Example Day In Positano On A Budget

    Where to stay in Positano, Italy In 2020

    This was a pretty typical day for us in Positano:

    Stay overnight in a dorm at Brikette Hostel or share a budget Airbnb with a few friends . Wake up early and grab a pastry and espresso at La Zagara on your way down to the beach . Spend your morning walking along the beach and through town, taking in the gorgeous views. For a quick lunch, grab a slice of pizza at Collina Bakery and then get back to sightseeing.

    Take the bus back up to your accommodation and take a little afternoon nap to refresh. Head back down to the beach for sunset and enjoy a dip. Watch the sun disappear and the buildings start to light up while you float in the water its seriously one of the most magical experiences.

    End the night with a huge, cheap dinner at Ristorante Cera Una Volta where a pasta dish will set you back only about $10, and an entire pizza even less! You wont even feel bad ordering that $3 Aperol Spritz!

    Totals for the day: about $78 including accommodation!

    Not too shabby for being in one of the most notoriously expensive vacation destinations! As you can see, its perfectly reasonable to visit Positano on a budget. Sure, you may not be living in total luxury. And you probably wont run into the Kardashians in the hostel bar. But arent you there for those amazing views anyways?

    This post was all about how to travel Positano on a budget.

    Looking for more travel inspiration?

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    Best Hotels In Positano Italy

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    Planning a visit to the Amalfi Coast and looking for the best hotels in Positano, Italy? Then keep reading!

    Positano is one of the most magical travel destinations in the world. It is the ultimate Italian getaway where you will find beautiful beaches, stunning views, and amazing Italian food. A visit to Positano will show you one of the most beautiful places along the Amalfi Coast and one of the most photographed places in Europe. The famous pastel-coloured houses, towering mountains, and black rock beach make Positano a must-visit for travellers of all kinds!

    Find the best hotels in Positano for couples, families, on a budget and of course luxury options. In this post you will even find the best hotels near Positano if you want to stay nearby.

    More Positano:

    In This Post

    Top Places To Stay In Italy

    Italy is truly an eclectic country with so much on offer. If you plan on visiting a few places in Italy, we recommend staying in at least one urban area and one rural area to get a grasp of the different ways of living in the country. We also reckon its worth visiting the North for history and culture, and the South for the laid-back lifestyle, stunning beaches and deeply held traditions.

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    Best Places To Stay In Sardinia

    The two main cities are Alghero and Cagliari though we also like Sassari! Alghero and Sassari are in the north, so have more connections with Corsica. If you are travelling elsewhere in Italy, Cagliari has ferries to a number of cities. The island is easy to get around, but we do recommend hiring a car for the best experience.

    Best Airbnb in Sardinia: Hilltop Villa

    Airbnb Luxe is the most premium brand on the website, featuring properties that go above and beyond. This dazzling villa comes with gorgeous views of the Mediterranean Sea and the hills that run through Sardinia! It can sleep up to ten guests across five bedrooms, so is an excellent option for larger families heading to the island. It also comes with a private pool.

    Best Hostel in Sardinia: Hostel Sardinia

    Sardinia is a notoriously expensive destination, but if youre strapped for cash you can save some money at Hostel Sardinia. Right in the heart of Cagliari, it is close to major transport links that can take you all over the island. They offer heavily discounted tours across Sardinia for guests every weekend. Breakfast is included, and the on-site bar is popular with both guests and locals.

    Where To Stay In Italy: The Best Spots In 2021

    Traveling to Positano: Amalfi Coast ferry dinner in the mountains! | Italy Day 6

    Italy is a country that needs no introduction! Jutting out into the Mediterranean, this country was once the heart of the Roman Empire, and the founder of many aspects of modern European culture. These days there is still plenty of evidence of its past as well as bustling nightlife venues, world-class restaurants and a globally renowned art scene.

    With such a diverse offering, it can be tough to choose where to stay. Whilst we recommend visiting a few places, its impossible to see everything in one trip. There is a stark divide between urban and rural as well as north and south so its good to get a general idea of what is on offer in every city and town before you book your trip.

    Thats where we come in! Weve combined our personal experience with guest reviews, expert travel tips and local advice to bring you this guide to the eight best places to stay in Italy. Whether you want nightlife, history or cuisine we have you sorted.


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    The Best Hotels To Stay At On The Amalfi Coast

    Dreaming of Italy and the gorgeous coastlines of the Mediterranean?

    Everywhere you turn, the UNESCO-listed landscape is postcard-worthy. The small towns in soft pastel and rust-hues are precariously perched between the mountains and the sea and truly seem like theyre out of a dream.

    No matter if youre staying in Positano, Amalfi, Ravello, Praiano, or any of the charming towns, the Amalfi Coast is one of the most divine destinations.

    Whether youre on a two-week trip to Italy and the Amalfi Coast is a pitstop, youre planning a luxurious Amalfi Coast honeymoon, or youre looking to have a romantic Italian getaway on a budget, there are a number of hotels to choose from.

    Wondering what the best hotels in the Amalfi Coast are and just where to stay on the Amalfi Coast? Or how far in advance you should book a hotel on the Amalfi Coast?

    Ive rounded up the best hotels and tips for the Amalfi Coast so you can book the perfect Italian getaway!

    Capri Or Positano It’s All About The Views

    The island of Capri is divided into two municipalities, Capri and Anacapri, and the entire island is only about 10 square kilometers. The landscape rises steeply from the Marina Grande port past the town of Capri to the peak of Mount Solaro and there are only four roads that connect the towns and various other locations around the island. The town centers and many of the sights along the coastline are only accessible on foot. You can easily get around the island by taxi, bus, or rental scooter.

    Positano is called the “vertical village” and it looks like a pyramid of colorful houses lining the coastal cliff directly above the water when seen from the sea. The main road reaches the upper part of town, but you need to walk to get to the water’s edge below. There are countless stairs, which are unavoidable if you want to tour the town center.Amalfi is not as steep as Positano and the center of town is more or less at sea level. The main road does climb gradually up towards the cliffs behind the town, but there are no steps. Instead, to visit the famed Duomo, you’ll have to take on its grand staircase.

    The towns of Positano and Amalfi are much smaller than the island of Capri and you can visit either of them in about an hour. To see the island of Capri, including the towns of Capri and Anacapri, you need a full day.

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