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Where To Stay In Riomaggiore

Best Cinque Terre Hotels Near A Train Station

Where To Stay In Cinque Terre | Riomaggiore Airbnb

Just before publishing this selection of Cinque Terre hotels, I got a question from a reader asking for a very specific suggestion. Best Cinque Terre accommodations that are close to the train station and dont require much uphill walking with heavy luggage.

So here is a small selection of Cinque Terre hotels that are close to the train station and relatively easy to reach with your bags:

  • If you dont like any uphill walking with your luggage, you should probably look into staying in Monterosso al Mare. There are plenty of hotels within a short walking distance from the train station and Monterosso is relatively flat. The closest to the train station is this little guesthouse Affittacamere La Terrazza sul Mare. The closest hotel is Hotel Baia. You can just click on the map function on Booking.com and find many other easily-accessible accommodations nearby.
  • Hotel Porto Roca in Monterosso al Mare is not easy to reach, but they do have a free shuttle to the train station, so no need to worry about your luggage there either.
  • There are a couple of accommodations relatively close to the train station in Vernazza. If you just stay on the shortest path between the train station and the harbor, its actually relatively flat. Vintage Apartment is located the closest to the train station. If you click on the map on Booking.com, youll see several other accommodations nearby.

Where To Stay In Cinque Terre: Best Hotels And Accommodation

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One of the most popular destinations in Italy, the five Cinque Terre villages are best experienced in the late afternoon and early morning after the day tripping crowds have left. You should definitely stay overnight to experience their breathtaking beauty.

In this guide we help you decide where to stay in Cinque Terre and give you our recommendations by budget and travel style. Book your Cinque Terre accommodation as early as you can in your trip planning as there is limited supply and the best places are snapped up quickly.

It is worth noting that most of the accommodation in the Cinque Terre is restricted to simple bed and breakfasts or private apartments and AirBnBs that often require a minimum 2 night stay. Hotels are generally small family run establishments.

There is a selection of the best Cinque Terre accommodation across all categories below.

What’s in this article

Vernazza Best Place To Stay In Cinque Terre The First Time

Vernazza is one of the most beautiful towns in Italy. Perched atop a rugged coast, this colourful town pops against Cinque Terres harsh landscape. Its a small village bursting with history and culture, and traditional Italian charm and appeal. This is why Vernazza is our pick for where to stay in Cinque Terre if youre visiting for the first time.

Theres plenty of things to see and do in Vernazza, including meandering alongside thousand-year-old buildings, lounging at the beach and dining on fresh seafood. Whether youre a history buff, a culture vulture or a fearless foodie, youll love spending time exploring Vernazza. Lets run over the best places to stay in Vernazza shall we?

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Manarola Where To Stay In Cinque Terre On A Budget

Manarola is the second smallest town in Cinque Terre. It sits high above the sea and is bordered by a lush terraced landscape covered in lemon and olive trees as well as snaking grapevines.

Often overlooked by travellers, this charming village boasts some of the most incredible views of the region. so you wont need to worry about anyone blocking your view as you snap a pic for the gram. As it is often overlooked, this can be the best pick for visiting in high season.

Manarola is also a great place to stay if youre travelling on a budget. Here youl find some of the most affordable guesthouses and hostels in Cinque Terre.

Love to eat? Manarola is packed with charming cafes and rustic bistros that serve a variety of traditional local dishes that will make your mouth water.

Stay At The Best Cinque Terre Towns

Where To Stay In Cinque Terre

The World Heritage Site of Cinque Terre in Italy showcases the best of what the Ligurian region has to offer. From romantic seaside villages, hidden beaches, and postcard-perfect views at every turn, it is one of the best getaways from the big cities of Italy. Each village offers unique points and a distinct characteristic that sets it apart from one another. Whether youre looking for a quiet vacation or a place to stretch your legs and enjoy long walks, theres a town in the region perfect for you!

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Manarola Best Town In Cinque Terre For A Romantic Stay

Manarola is one of the prettiest and most photographed of the Cinque Terre town and, for many, an absolute favorite.

The town has delightful colorful houses, scenic and rocky access to the sea and a plethora of small alleyways climbing up from the sea up to the tallest part of of town, at the top of the cliff.

Manarola is smaller than Riomaggiore and has a different vibe.

There is less going on here at night, which means Manarola is a good place to stay if you want more relaxing evenings.

The small streets and sea views make it perfect especially for couple looking for a romantic place to stay and for photographer.

Manarola is also the most ancient of all Cinque Terre towns: It has been inhabited since the middle Ages and has an interesting tradition of wine production.

Manarola is also a good place for hiking: Sentiero Azzurro and Sentiero dellAmore are both easily accessible form here however, they are often closed for safety reasons so access cannot be guaranteed. Ask local authorities on the day of your visit.

Manarola is the best town to stay in Cinque Terre for: couples, photographers, hikers.

Need to know: Manarola is has steep roads and it is not a good place if you have very small kids or have mobility issues.

How To Find Cheap Accommodation In Cinque Terre

Cinque Terre is very popular and accommodation is limited. Prices vary enormously during the season and Cinque Terre is the perfect example of offer and demand. When the demand goes up, so do the prices of accommodation.

Youll find some basic tips to land cheap accommodation in Cinque Terre. This also applies to other regions in the world, but I found it particularly useful in Cinque Terre.

Book your hotel ahead

I love travel planning and I can plan ahead as far as a year in advance. For Cinque Terre, it seems impossible to find reasonably priced accommodation for a family vacation in July or August. But they are out there. First come, first serve.

If you book in January of February, chances are, you have plenty of options to choose from and you can find a good deal for your overnight stay in Cinque Terre.

Travel in the shoulder season

I almost solely travel in the shoulder season as I dont have to abide by summer holidays. I cant stand the extreme heat and Id rather have the place to myself. Oh, and I like shoulder season prices. A lot! Ok, the weather might be a deal breaker, but the months of April and May and September and October can have very nice weather. If you book in April, the same hotel with double bedroom costs you 60. The same room in September will be 100 and if still available, expect to pay over 150 in July or August. Same room, different prices.

Find a deal

Set your standard lower

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Other Great Places To Stay In Riomaggiore

Hotel Villa Argentina

For when you travel on a budget.

A simple hotel with a wonderful location close to the center of Riomaggiore, and an easy walk to the train station.

Choose this place if you dont want to climb lots of stairs and want to be in the center of it all.

While you wont get luxury accommodation at this hotel, it is one of the few hotel in Riomaggiore.

Former guests have appreciated the great view you get from the terrace, the fact that the hotel is really close to the city center, and the delicious Italian breakfast.

You can choose between double rooms, triple rooms, a studio for 4 people, a two-bedroom apartment, or a three-bedroom apartment.

Alla Marina Affittacamere

It cannot get better than this, right in the Marina of Riomaggiore with a colorful view under your eyes. And the best part? Not hundreds of stairs to climb to get to this place.

The host is really friendly and willing to help you have the best vacation in Cinque Terre.

Another big plus for this place is its proximity to the train station, within walking distance.

The perfect place to stay if you are traveling as a couple, in a group of 3, or even up to 6 when you choose the apartment with a terrace and sea view.

Sergeant First Class Riomaggiore

You might not get a view from this place, but you will be at the heart of the city, close to the railway station, and to all of the main attractions in town.

Affittacamere Le Giare

Get In Some Beach Time

Cinque Terre, Italy: Manarola and Riomaggiore

As weve mentioned throughout our Cinque Terre guides, this stretch of coast is not known for its golden beaches . However, what it lacks in sand it more than makes up for in rocky recesses .

There are two perfect spots for sun lovers in Riomaggiore: the first is along the wave breaker directly in front of the harbour – the spot from which youve likely seen countless Instagram images – and the second on the pebble-beach Spiaggia di Riomaggiore , as well as the larger rocks to the right of it.

We personally preferred the larger rocks next to the official beach as it was a little quieter and the vertical nature of their placement allows for more privacy.

Alternatively, make your way out to the wave breaker rocks here, which also serve as the best vantage point for watching the sunset over the colourful village . Note that you cannot swim in the harbour side of the rocks in Riomaggiore due to boat traffic.

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Where To Stay In Cinque Terre: Best Towns

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Where to stay in Cinque Terre? Cinque Terre is a scenic group of long-enduring seaside villages lining the beautiful coastline of the Italian Riviera. Located in the Liguria region of northern Italy, this picturesque area offers charming, colorful houses and vineyards along its steep, terraced coastline, giving you many attractive choices of where to stay in Cinque Terre.

The charming harbors display a large array of fishing boats, and the nearby trattorias serve flavorful seafood specialties and the best pesto sauce available anywhere.

Visitors can follow the Sentiero Azzurro cliffside trail for hiking during their stay in Cinque Terre, which connects these villages along the cliffs with exquisite panoramic views of the sea below.

This hiking path was once an ancient network of footpaths. Even today, it is the ideal way of visiting this charming series of fishing towns. Until recent years, these villages were reachable only by rail or water.

Cinque Terre is known worldwide for its unique natural setting and beauty. Throughout the centuries of its existence, residents have constructed cliff-side terraces for cultivating olives and grapes. The regions steep, rugged terrain extends up to the clifftops that offer stunning views of the Mediterranean Sea.

The Cinque Terre climate is generally sunny and mild with only slight variations in temperature since this area is protected from northern winds by mountains.

Best Town To Stay In Cinque Terre

If you want to stay in one of the five Cinque Terre towns and are wondering which one is the best, youll find different opinions. After all, its a bit of a personal choice

In a nutshell, Monterosso al Mare is best for the beach, if you come by car, or if you are looking for a longer and more comfortable stay. Manarola or Vernazza are much more picturesque, but accommodation choices are quite limited and most accommodations are not that easy to reach if you have mobility issues. Riomaggiore or Corniglia can also be nice, especially if you find a great accommodation with sea views.

I think that each 5terre village has something unique. Below you can find the advantages and disadvantages of each of the 5 villages. We also selected the best hotels and other highly-rated accommodation options in every Cinque Terre town.

Here are some important other things to consider:

  • Please note that its really not advisable to visit Cinque Terre by car most villages are simply not equipped for cars. The easiest Cinque Terre town to reach by car is Monterosso al Mare. For all the other towns, I suggest that you leave your car in either La Spezia or Levanto and take a train.

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Why Should You Stay In Riomaggiore

It can be hard to decide in which of the 5 villages to stay when visiting the Cinque Terre.

Honestly, there is not one definitive answer each village is special in its own way.

Riomaggiore was my favorite village to stay at when in the Cinque Terre its a peaceful village, and people usually stay in the others, leaving Riomaggiore a bit more quiet than the others. Its a big village, and you can walk around at night to discover other parts than the beachfront.

Ready to explore the village? Check out this Riomaggiore Travel Guide

Best Hotel In Cinque Terre: Affittacamere Monterosso 5 Terre Monterosso Al Mare

Where to Stay in Cinque Terre: Gramsci 31 Apartment in ...

Hotels in Cinque Terre come in shapes and sizes. Affittacamere Monterosso makes a great base for exploring Cinque Terre. It is close to top tourist attractions, and there are a great variety of shopping, dining and nightlife options at its doorstep. This hotel provides comfortable and clean rooms, delicious food and a fantastic location.

Cinque Terre is a postcard. Its a collection of enchanting villages that sit perched atop cliffs overlooking the Italian Riviera. Colourful buildings pop against the lush green landscapes and the blue waters giving this area a fantastical fairy-tale-come-to-life feel.

The region is comprised of five villages spread out over an area of 45 square kilometres, and each village has its own distinct character and charm.

This guide not only provides suggestions on where to stay, but how to spend your time in Cinque Terre as well.

Monterosso is the northernmost town of Cinque Terre. Its incredibly popular with travellers thanks to its stunning sandy beach, delicious restaurants, and historic landmarks and attractions. Its also one of the few towns that can be accessed by car.

Head south from here and youll arrive in Vernazza. The most picturesque town in the region, Vernazza is comprised of colourful homes that cling to the cliff side. It has a lovely small harbour, an ancient castle, and plenty of shops to browse.

Still not sure where to stay in Cinque Terre? Dont worry, weve got you covered!

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Corniglia The Quiet One

Which one is it?Corniglia is smack dab in the middle of the Cinque Terre, the third town in. Its a three-minute train ride from Manarola, five minutes from Riomaggiore.

Whats it like?The smallest of the five villages, Corniglia is also the least accessible you have to either climb 382 steps to reach it, or take a local bus from the train station. Perched high up on the cliffside, this is the only town that isnt right on the water.

Whats the vibe?Quiet and old-school. If youre the kind of person who will take peaceful over action-packed any day, Corniglia is your best bet. Youll also get a lot closer here to what the Cinque Terre once was, especially in the evenings when the day trippers have cleared out. Because of its size and relative inaccessibility, fewer tourists stay here, so theres more of a local feel.

Is it the town for me?If you dont want to do a lot of climbing, and also plan to spend your evenings close to home, Corniglia might be the place for you. Once youre actually up in the village, its relatively flat. But keep in mind that the bus that shuttles between the train station down below and the town itself doesnt run 24-hours, so if youre eating out late in another town, youll have to walk those 350+ steps to get back to your digs.

Also, if youre all about the beach, choose another town . Corniglia does have two, but one can only be safely accessed these days by boat and the other requires a bit of a downhill hike to get to .

What A Beautiful Setting

What a beautiful setting! This town is just lovely. Some very nice places to eat and walk. My favorite place to eat was on our own terrace. We stopped by the market right beside the tunnel to town and picked up all our supplies and arranged them on a platter for our terrace setting. The only bad part was no wine bottle opener! How can an apartment in Italy not have an opener?!

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Where To Stay In Vernazza

  • Hotel Gianni Franzi The hotel has an excellent location near Doria Castle, offering panoramic views of Vernazza. Rooms have simple decor with easy access to the train station and hiking trails.
  • Cadè Ventu Although far from the city center, Cadè Ventu is perfect for couples who want a secluded escape with a romantic setting. It boasts sweeping views of the neighboring Cinque Terre towns and an unparalleled view of the sunset.
  • Casa Catò Casa Catò offers bright and modern rooms with free WiFi access throughout the property. All rooms have views of the sea, the mountains, and the pastel-colored houses that made Vernazza famous. From the hotel, Vernazza Beach is only a short walking distance away.

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