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Where To Stay In Rome To Be Close To Everything

Prati: The Perfect Gateway To The Vatican

Where to stay in Rome, Italy? (Spanish Steps, Pantheon or is Piazza Navona the best location)

Unlike the rest of Rome neighbourhoods in the city centre, Prati is a relatively recent district. It was established at the beginning of the 20th century. Prati is one of the best places to stay in Rome for several reasons.

First of all, this neighbourhood is just steps away from the wonders of Vatican City. Sites like St. Peters Basilica, the Vatican Museums and the Sistine Chapel are among the top things to see in Rome. Considering that you might have to wake up early to beat the long queues or to join a guided tour of these popular Rome attractions, it makes perfect sense to choose to stay in Prati during your next trip to Rome.

Furthermore, Prati is one of the most elegant neighbourhoods in Rome, with wide boulevards and stunning buildings. To appreciate Pratis uniqueness, dont miss a sunset stroll along the Tiber promenade to enjoy breathtaking views of Castel Sant Angelo.

Last but not least, Prati is a genuinely residential district. Staying in a residential area means that you dont stumble upon tourists 24/7. Moreover, the food in Prati is more authentic than in other parts of Rome. Suffice it to say that restaurants there are primarily frequented by locals.

Prati is the ideal place to stay in Rome for families and everyone else dreaming of an easy-going trip to the Italian capital, away from the hustle and bustle of Romes more busy streets. However, if youre planning to experience Romes nightlife, Prati isnt for you.

Best Hotels in Prati

Where To Stay For Luxury: Prati

Prati is close to St Peters Square and the Vatican it shares a border with the northern end of the Vatican State and includes Via Cola di Rienzo, which is one of the most well-known shopping streets in the city for high-end brands. Prati is also an area where youre less likely to find hordes of tourists, and its great for imagining what life would be like if you were a wealthy Roman.

Best places to stay in Prati

  • BUDGET: Prati Comfort This is a great budget option, with fast Wi-Fi and balconies on some rooms. Its elegant, with simple but tasteful furnishings.
  • MID-RANGE: Luxury on the River Despite its name, this place comes at a mid-range price and is located in a historic building overlooking the river. It has helpful staff and a varied breakfast, plus the rooms are quite large. Theres real Italian flare to the décor and a cozy lounge and library.
  • LUXURY: Hotel NH Collection Roma Giustiniano This four-star hotel with spacious rooms is a great value. All its rooms have gorgeous parquet floors, and many have balconies with great views. Theres also a small gym and a restaurant on-site.

Best Hostel In Trastevere: Hostel Trustever

Hostel Trustever is a great mix of vintage and modern. Vibrant and eclectic, this hostel is ideal for travelers looking to experience Trasteveres nightlife scene.

Boasting a bar, restaurant, spacious rooms and a relaxing garden, this hostel has everything you could possibly need for a great vacation in Rome.

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Rome Overall Best Place To Stay In Italy

They say that all roads lead to Rome and at the height of the Roman Empire, this was certainly true across Europe! One of the major centres of European culture has since expanded into a vibrant metropolis with some of the oldest landmarks in the world. It is also the largest nightlife centre in Italy, and is home to some of the best-known pasta dishes such as carbonara and cacio e pepe.

Vatican City is also entirely surrounded by Rome, making it an important pilgrimage for Catholics from across the world. No trip to Italy is complete without visiting Rome and even for shorter stays, it is your best chance of getting a comprehensive overview of what modern Italy is all about.

Rome is located fairly centrally, so if you are travelling elsewhere you will have easy access to both the North and South of the country. It is a major gateway for international arrivals especially from outside Europe so if this is your first stop in the country you have to take at least a few days to check out the main attractions. Being where it also means there are some great day trips from Rome to be had.

Where To Stay In Rome Summary

Where to Stay in Rome (June 2019  COOLEST Areas in the City!)

Rome has something for everyone, and where you choose to stay will hugely impact your time in the city. After all, if youre an early bird, that last thing you want is to end up staying right next to bars and nightclubs!

Whether youre looking for arts and culture, fashion and shopping, rich history, or plenty of parks and nature, Rome really does have it all for you.

But educate yourself before you go. Find a place to stay in an area that suits your interests, and you will have such a better time in the city. Youll uncover plenty of gems, meet like-minded people, and experience things that go beyond the recommended tourist attractions.

Wherever you stay in Rome, soak up as much as the city has to offer. Rome is a truly unique place, and theres nowhere else like it on Earth!

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Top Things To See And Do In Trastevere

  • Watch the world go by over an apertivo at Bar San Calisto.
  • Excite your senses at Cioccolata e Vino, an inventive cocktail bar where shots are served in tiny chocolate cups, which are both delectable and delicious!
  • Down a pint at Ma Che Siete Venuti a Fà, a cosy pub offering up 15 craft beers on tap and countless more by the bottle.
  • Enjoy a lively night of cocktails and fun at Freni e Frizioni.
  • Serving up more than just coffee, Coffee Pot is a great place to spend a night drinking exciting cocktails and sampling exotic eats.
  • Spend a night savouring glasses of wine and stellar food at Enoteca Ferrara.
  • Good drinks and a great atmosphere await you at Big Hilda Pub, the perfect stop for afternoon pints.
  • Dance the night away to alternative tunes at Big Star Pub, the hottest spot in town for the young, hip and trendy.

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Esquilino Where To Stay On A Budget

Whether coming to Rome by plane or train, most people pass through Termini Station. Its a very convenient area to stay in, as two metro lines connect there, but there are also tons of public transportation options. Taking them, you can easily reach the Trevi fountain in around 15 minutes and the Colosseum in just over 20 minutes.

If youre traveling to another city by train or staying for a short time, I think staying near Termini is a great choice. One downside is that its not the cleanest area of the city, but you can find some great cheap hotels in the area. Ah, by the way, this area is also close to Pigneto, a former working-class district with beautiful streets!

Here are some choices Ive picked out near Termini Station based on price and fabulous reviews:

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Campo Marzio District: Home To Romes Iconic Stairway The Spanish Steps

The best area to stay in Rome for sightseeing

No other neighborhood in Rome exudes romantic glamour like Piazza di Spagna. Its Rome the way youve always imagined it. The star of the show is the celebrated rococo stairway leading to the Trinità dei Monti church, known as the Spanish Steps

This is another convenient location to consider when planning where to stay in Rome city center. You can get around on foot to the most popular tourist attractions, such as the Trevi Fountain, Piazza del Popolo and the gardens of Villa Borghese where youll see some of the best views in Rome.

Piazza di Spagna is the ideal choice for those who are brought to the city by the allure of luxury shopping. Here youll find a heady mix of designer boutiques, upscale hotels and exclusive restaurants.

The Rape of Proserpina at Galleria Borghese

A Guide To The Best Neighborhoods In Rome

Where to stay in Rome – The 7 Best Areas

There are many Rome neighborhoods, many many more than Im listing here. But Im only giving you what I think are the best neighborhoods in Rome for your visit. These are areas that are close to historic sites youll want to see and that are walkable to many restaurants, sites, and public transportation.

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Best Hostel In Testaccio: Dreaming Rome Hostel

You wont find a better hostel in Testaccio. Located in the center of the neighborhood, this hostel is close to restaurants, bars, galleries and the citys top tourist attractions. Offering private and shared rooms, this hostel also provides guests with a great breakfast and modern facilities. Because of its location out of the center of the city, youll find this is one of the cheapest hostels in Rome, too!

Where Will You Stay In Rome

The rione or districts of Rome each have their own unique charm. Whether youre staying for a night or two or are soaking up the city over a classic 3 day trip, choose the area thats right for you and enjoy all that the Eternal City has to to offer on your doorstep. But, if exploring ancient sites, gushing fountains and pretty piazzas is your ideal Roman holiday, you cant beat staying in the historic center with the Pantheon close by.

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Where To Stay In Rome For Budget Travellers: Roma Termini And San Lorenzo

Best for: Budget travellers who want to be close to all the main attractions.

If youre travelling on a budget or dont plan to stay in Rome too long, then I recommend staying in one of these areas.

If youre speeding through your Italy itinerary, keen to tick off all the main sights from your Italy bucket list, this central location will be very handy for you!

While Termini and San Lorenzo arent among the most glamorous areas to stay in Rome, they have great affordable accommodation options.

The Trevi Fountain in Rome, Italy

Roma Termini is the main train station in Rome, and is an excellent base for reaching some of the citys iconic sights.

The Trevi Fountain and other attractions are all within walking distance from Termini. However, being so close to Romes main train station, its obviously not a very fancy area and has a reputation for being dangerous.

San Lorenzo is also very close to the train station, but has more character and is less sketchy. Its also right next to Università la Sapienza di Roma, so youll find lots of students hitting the local bars and restaurants.

This neighbourhood is a great place to stay if you want to visit Rome without breaking the bank, but also experience a bit of the local student nightlife in Rome.

Exploring the Pantheon in Rome

Hotels near Roma Termini and San Lorenzo

The beautiful Trevi fountain in Rome

Book your stay at Residenza Termini here!

Don’t Forget To Bring A Water Bottle

Rome In A Weekend: Best Things To Do And See + Places To Eat

Romes tap water is clean and drinkable. One crucial advice, when visiting Rome, is to always have a reusable water bottle on hand. Store-bought water can be quite expensive, so if you need to buy the water, we advise you to purchase big one-liter bottles in a convenience store. Little water bottles sold to tourists can coast up to 2 .

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Casa Di Santa Francesca Romana

This monastery-come-hotel combines fairly ordinary, no-frills accommodation with historic and particularly religious significance.

If you like staying in historic buildings, arent too put off by religious iconography, and are willing to compromise on luxury for the sake of location, it might be just the place for you.

Casa di Santa Francesca Romana is housed in a medieval palazzo, built in the 15th century, which served as a convent/monastery in years past. It was named after Saint Francesca of Rome, who reportedly lived here for decades.

The rooms are sparse, basic and quite dated in decor. They vary in size but none of the three Ive stayed in have been too cramped. All have had air-conditioning , tiled floors and tiny showers.

There is a pretty cloistered courtyard with orange trees and small dining tables and chairs a perfect spot for reading or even sharing a quiet meal. Its everything you are looking for when choosing where to stay in Rome.

But the best thing about Casa di Santa Francesca Romana is undoubtedly its location. Its set in the cobblestoned streets of Trastevere, the recently gentrified medieval quarter of Rome, but on the quieter, southeastern side where its still possible to pass more locals than tourists of a morning .

The hotel itself is just a few minutes walk from the Tiber, specifically Ponte Rotto, and about a 25-minute walk from the Colosseum.

Hotel Casa di Santa Francesca Romana

What People are Saying

Areas To Avoid In Rome

Rome isnt always whimsical this is still, after all, a big city that suffers from big-city problems. While these problems are pretty minor compared to other cities, there are still some places to avoid and should be taken into account when choosing where to stay in Rome. Take note of the following:

  • Busy areas, like tourists attractions and the metro, are where pickpockets like to work. Be aware of your things when youre in crowded places.
  • The rowdiest nightlife areas are Testaccio and San Lorenzo. Theres nothing particularly dangerous about them but their energy can be a little aggressive. If youre looking for the best area to stay in Rome with a family, avoid these neighborhoods.
  • If there are truly areas to avoid in Rome, then they are most likely on the edges of the city. Trullo is often considered one of the worst neighborhoods in Rome and the Eastern suburbs e.g. Rebibbia, Tor Bella Monica tend to be rundown as well. Thankfully, theres no reason for tourists to come to these anyways.
  • On a lighter note, try to avoid Romes ultra-touristy places during the day these are usually overrun from shortly after sunup to sundown and can be a pain. Visit the Colosseum very early in the morning and/or see the Trevi in the middle of the night.

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Hotels And Accommodation In Testaccio


Fauno Urban Resort

The idyllic atmosphere of the area makes you forget that you are in the heart of Rome. Located in Villa Varlunga and designed in the 1960s by architect Lucio Passarelli, the hotels original style has been preserved, such as the wood present in the facade, floors, and furniture. The rooms are large, comfortable, elegantly decorated, and overlook the Villas garden.

Boutique Hotels

Hotel San Anselmo

The hotel is practically a 19th-century villa with a beautiful garden, where breakfast is served when the weather is suitable. The rooms are classically decorated, and some have views of the Santo Anselmo Church. Another strong point of the hotel is its location, 10 minutes from the Pyramid metro station and the Circo Massimo.

Mind The Dress Code When Visiting Churches

Where to Stay in Rome | My favorite Luxury Hotel in Rome, St. Regis

You should take into consideration that you will be visiting many sacred institutions during your Rome vacation. All of the roman churches have a dress code you need to follow before entering the building. That means shorts and tank tops are not an option. Make sure you pack something to cover up before going to Rome. Having a scarf to throw on is very useful.

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Gran Melia Rome Villa Agrippina

If you want a serene location nestled on a hill overlooking the eternal city, it truly looks like a fairytale setting, yet only minutes from the heart of Rome, then this 5-star resort, the Gran Melia Rome Villa Agrippina is the place to stay.

This luxurious hotel was once the villa of Emperor Neros mother. The sprawling grounds, perfectly manicured gardens, and the completely renovated building is like a dream oasis in one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

The hotel is in a great location on the banks of the River Tiber, just 15 minutes from Piazza Navona and Campo dei Fiori. Gran Melia is set in the historical and cultural heart of the Eternal City. Vatican City is approximately a 20-minute walk from the hotel.

The guest rooms and suites are extremely spacious and comfortable with a modern ambiance. The property has well-maintained grounds, dramatic views of the city, an extensive outdoor pool, a signature spa, and an acclaimed gourmet restaurant.

It truly is a remarkable urban oasis, offering guests a welcome haven amidst the vibrant bustle of Rome.

The Gran Melia Rome was selected to The Leading Hotels of the World which brings together the most prestigious and luxurious hotels in the world.

A very select club that demands the highest standards of quality and distinction required to ensure the comfort and well being of guests. If you want to take luxury to the next level, they also offer RedLevel service that is exclusive to Melia.

Where is Gran Melia Rome?

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