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Where To Stay In Tinos Greece

Tinos: A Flavour Of The Island

The Beautiful Island of Tinos, Greece: Stop #1 of Solo Backpacking Europe

In the village of Pyrgos on Tinos, an immense and aged plane tree in the central square casts morning light like leaping green flames. Its known for its marble sculptors, and sometimes all you hear along narrow, tilted streets is the sound of chisels. White marble memorials. White marble busts everywhere of the heroes of 1821, with moustaches that look as though they were grown to exhibit in some prestigious hall of Moustaches of the Revolution. A village of marble, on an island 30 minutes by water from Mykonos, that seems to be an uprush of metamorphic stone.

That tree is thirsty, nods Vagelis, a local acquaintance, as we watch through tessellations of green a class of school children quietly eating yoghurt and honey at the cafe next door, everyone perfectly neat with new-term hair, gazed at by thin, enquiring cats. Time deepens. Now and again, we turn our heads to examine a handsome man with the tattoo of a serpent on his neck hauling a hunk of marble up the street in a cloud of sugary dust.

The gods are fond of Tinos. It was once a centre of worship for Poseidon, a famous shrine to the Virgin Mary was established in Chora in 1823 and a grand Orthodox church settled over it Panagia Megalochari swagged in red satin like an Edwardian wedding cake. Pilgrims come to be healed, often literally crawling from the ferry along a carpet flowing up to the church, little shops marking the way, selling tin votives, images of aching hearts and dimmed eyes.

The Best Beaches In Tinos

An island, Tinos has over 700 beach areas to choose from. Some are rocky, some are sandy, some are secluded, and some see tons of tourists. Theres surely a beach for everyones different wants, needs, and preferences.


Located on the northern side of Tinos, Kolympithira Beach was my favorite beach to visit. It has two separate beach areas, one with an old Volkswagen converted into a bar and makeshift umbrellas dug into the sand. The other beach was a bit more traditional with chairs, proper umbrellas, and a couple of tavernas to eat at.

I chose to set up shop at the beach with the old Volkswagen, and it didnt disappoint. The workers cranked out cocktails all day amongst a beachy soundtrack, serving the ultimate Greece beach vibes. Around 3 pm party-goers flocked to the beach, making the beach much more crowded and lively.


On the northwest side of the island, just minutes from Panormos Village, Rochari Beach is located in an area that feels like the edge of the world. Youll know youve made it when the road turns to sand and you cant go any further. Theres a beach bar, chairs, umbrellas, and a volleyball court set up. .


Vourni Beach is where Bianco Beach Bar is located. This feels like the most upscale beach bar of the three listed. The chairs are plush, the atmosphere is quite intimate, and youre secluded in your own little area on the island.

How To Go To Tinos

If you want to go to Tinos, you have to take the ferry boat. Unlike Santorini or Naxos, the island has no airport!

From Athens Port of Piraeus or Rafina it takes between 1h45 and 4h45 to reach Tinos. There are regular bus connections between Athens airport and the 2 ports.

If youre already in the Cyclades, there are daily ferry connections between Tinos and Andros, Paros, Naxos or Mykonos.

You can check the ferries schedules and book your tickets online, to organize in advance your Greek Island hopping itinerary.

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Where To Eat And Drink

Tinos food is the best in the Cyclades, as are the island wines, drawing stone and salt minerals deep into the grape from smart T-Oinos to the fantastic raw offerings from Domaine Kalthas. Raki is especially good here try any slug offered from a plastic bottle. In Panormos Bay Maestros has the best fish Maru for sardines baked with raisins. Athmar in Pyrgos is the place for morning yoghurt with sweet-bitter local walnuts and field honey, and Margaritas with thyme syrup. Isternias Thelassaki serves clams steamed with ouzo and saffron, onions baked with lemon. O Ntinos in Yannaki Bay has the best sunset view plus almond honey and vanilla ice cream. At Tarsanas in Chora opt for the fried cheese. And do order any spoon sweets on menus in roadside cafes a dollop of homemade preserve is perfect with a short black coffee.

Where To Stay In Tinos Greece

Best places to stay in Tinos, Greece

Tinos boasts several unique villages. Each village has its own character and personality, yielding beauty and experiences you cant find in others. Therefore, consider renting a car to explore the entire island at your own pace!

I recommend booking a car through Discover Cars where you can compare all rental car agencies prices, and you can cancel or modify your booking for free. They also guarantee the best price. .

In each village, you can find a lot of different types of accommodation, picturesque and traditional. Alternatively, you can opt to stay in a boutique hotel or a beach resort.

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Climb To The Peak Of Exomvourgo And View The Cyclades

Some 640m above sea level, the mountain of Exomvourgo stands out among the islands landmarks. At its base, you will find the Catholic Monastery of Ieras Kardias , one of the most impressive attractions on the island. The fortress of Exomvourgo, at the peak, was once the highest in the Aegean, but it was besieged and destroyed by the Turks in 1715. From up high, you can see not only Tinos but also the islands of Samos, Ikaria, Naxos and Delos Breathe in the Aegean!

Keep An Eye Out For The Masterful Dovecotes

Peristeriones are a feature of the Tinos landscape and considered some of the most impressive works of art in the Cyclades. There are over 600 dovecotes made of slate, stone and limestone and covered with lithographs. The pigeons and doves swoop around them, but youll need a trigger finger on your camera to catch them in flight!

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Golden Beach Hotel & Apartments Agios Fokas Beach

Hotel Phone: +30 22 8302 4579Wonderful hotel sitting across from a private, sandy beach amid lush gardens. Accommodations sleep up to four all are bright, airy, and traditionally-furnished, with private stone patios and kitchenettes. Theres an excellent on-site restaurant and café both of these and a beach bar provide service to the hotels complimentary beach beds. Great breakfasts, too. Located on Agios Fokas Beach, a 15-20 minute walk from Tinos Town.

Are You Planning Your Trip To Tinos Last Minute

Tinos island, Greece ð?

Tinos Town: Top Hotels

Vincenzo Family Rooms Best rated hotel in town

Agios Sostis and Agios Ioannis Porto: Top Hotels

Cavos In Agios Sostis, by the beach
Mr. & Mrs. White Tinos In Agios Ioannis Porto, near the beach
Golden Beach Hotel & Apartments In Agios Fokas, by the beach
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Avra Hotel Tinos Town

Hotel Phone: +30 22 8302 2242Clean and comfortable waterfront hotel right on the port promenade. Front-facing rooms have unobstructed sea views, back-facing rooms are quieter Triples feature three twin beds. Super convenient location for a quick island-hopping stop: located near a bank, supermarket, and a couple of great little restaurants a quick walk to the port. Breakfast provided.

How To Move Around Tinos

Tinos is an island that you will need a car because it has quite a few places to visit. But, if you prefer not to drive at all during your holiday, I would like to inform you that the bus connection in Tinos is quite well! You can check here for timetables, tickets etc. Note that July and August can be quite busy, so bear this in mind. Also, there is the option to get a taxi.

You can find at the below map all the mentioned places and our extra tips!

Update: Due to Coronavirus, this summer might also be special. We wrote an article to explain the current measures and situation, and we will update it as often as possible!

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The Other Greek Islands To See Around Tinos

After visiting Tinos, you will probably want to discover the other islands located nearby during your Cyclades itinerary:

  • Mykonos is the closest island to Tinos. Its the best place if you want to party.
  • Syros, a really small island, but also the most populated in the Cyclades.
  • Andros, if youre an hiking lover.
  • Naxos, and its many sand beaches
  • Paros for its pretty villages and beautiful beaches
  • Santorini, the most popular Greek Island.
  • Amorgos, the best island if you want to hike!

You will find every information you need to visit the Cyclades in my article: The 15 best Cyclades Islands.

And, if you want to plan your ferry trips between Tinos and the other islands, you should use Ferries in Greece website.

Where To Stay In Tinos: The Best Hotels

Tinos: the most spiritual island of Greece

The third biggest island of the Cyclades, Tinos, is mostly known as Greeces top pilgrimage site. Thanks to the resplendent white church of Evagelistria , every Orthodox from Greece and even the Balkans travels to the island of Tinos in August to pray there.

But the savvy traveler knows that there is a lot more to Tinos than just the spiritual experience that can be found walking through the great gates of the stunning church complex: there are gorgeous beaches to visit, stunning architecture, gorgeous marble works everywhere, and amazing food.

Tinos is a delightful mix of relaxation, culture, and mysticism that makes it unique among all the Greek islands!

There are several excellent places to stay depending on what youre looking to experience on the island and who you plan to enjoy your vacation with. Be it on your own, with friends, with your partner, or with your family, here are some of the best options for you to consider!

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. This means that should you click on certain links, and then subsequently purchase a product, I will receive a small commission.

  • FAQ About the Best Places to Stay In Tinos
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    How To Spend Your Tinos Holidays

    Tinos is perfect for holidays with your family. We strongly recommend the Cavos Hotel in Ag. Sostis. We stayed there with my brother and his family. His daughter loved the hotels friendliness. We loved that the beach was safe and that they took care of everything. If you are driving, a private villa by the beach or in a village is a great option too.

    If you want to enjoy the little nightlife Tinos has to offer we suggest you stay at Tinos Town. Though there are no big parties, the town is packed with gorgeous tavernas and cute bars. Plus, you have several interesting sites to discover. Its also the best place to stay if you plan on using public transport to explore the island.

    Where To Eat In Tinos Island

    Drosia, Ktikados: Situated at Ktikados village, Drosia is a family-owned tavern renowned for its traditional Greek cuisine to locals and regular visitors alike! Enjoy your food in the taverns gorgeous backyard with the overhanging vines and large trees, while looking at the gorgeous view of the ravine below.

    Palia Pallada, Chora: In a side path parallel to the quayside road, you will find the traditional tavern Palia Pallada. Specializing in oil-based casseroles and mom style cooked food, excellent grill for meats and fish, Palia Pallada hasnt really changed since it was founded. Enjoy good food and a friendly atmosphere.

    : This restaurant combines traditional Greek cuisine with the excellence of fish and seafood that Panormos village is famous for. Enjoy your meal right by the sea and dont forget to try the deep-fried Tinian pie!

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    Best Hotels In Chora Tinos

    The Chora in Tinos isnt nearly as picturesque as the main towns on other Cycladic islands its a rather built up town dominated by the big Panagia Evangelistria church and an array of souvenir shops.

    However, it is a good choice for people who are after a little bit of night life though dont expect tons of clubbing and partying.

    Chora might also be the best place to stay in Tinos if you are planning to use buses to get around, or if you are visiting in the off-season. We probably wouldnt choose to stay there ourselves, but we had our own car so we could easily get around the island and visit Chora at any time of the day.

    Chora has a wide selection of places to stay. Vincenzo Family Rooms, right in the town, is one of the best choices.

    If you want to be close to the town but still in a quiet location, you can check out the more upmarket Santamare Villa closer to Agios Fokas beach. They also have a pool, ideal for those windy days.

    Note that some of the roads in Chora are closed to traffic in summer evenings. If you have your own vehicle, make sure you know the traffic rules.

    The Best Restaurants On Tinos Island

    Best Hotels In Athens – Top 5 Hotels In Athens, Greece

    If youre the type of traveler in search of incredible food in each new destination, you wont be disappointed on this island. Tinos offers a mix of seafood with a Greek twist, along with traditional Greek tavernas. While Tinos Town seemed to have inviting restaurants that spilled out into the streets with twinkle lights and tourists the food wasnt nearly as good as if you venture outside of the town. Below youll find my two favorite restaurants in Tinos.


    Bianco is a breezy beach restaurant located on Vourni Beach. It has an upscale and sophisticated feel to it all the while being laidback. The fried cheese balls with orange marmalade and the grilled octopus dish were downright sinful.

    I recommend making reservations beforehand perhaps around 9 pm and arriving for drinks a couple of hours early to watch the sunset on the beach. If you order drinks from the bar you can sit in the bean bag chairs free of charge.


    I highly recommend making a reservation days in advance, however, they also allow space for walk-ins. I showed up around 8:30 as a walk-in and waited around with a glass of wine until I was able to be seated at 9:45. It was well worth it.

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    Porto Apergis Agios Oiannis Beach

    Hotel Phone: +30 22 8302 4542Clean and comfortable self-catered apartments almost touching quiet and sandy Agios Oiannis beach. All apartments have fully-equipped kitchens and sea views. Theres a shared sea-view terrace and grilling facilities for guest use, too. The quiet location, friendly hosts, and a few great nearby tavernas make this an ideal Tinos hideaway. Located about 6km east of Tinos port, with regular daily buses into town.

    Poseidonio Hotel Tinos Town

    Hotel Phone: +30 22 8302 3123Excellent harborfront hotel with newly-renovated rooms and sweet sea-view balconies. Triple Rooms sleep three, Family Rooms sleep four Deluxe Double room features a hydromassage tub. Excellent location for the port and exploring Old Tinos Town. Continental breakfast and port transfer provided.

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    Witness The Pilgrimage To The Holy Island Of The Cyclades

    Every year, on August 15, thousands of believers descend upon Tinos island to accompany the procession of the miraculous icon. You can hardly make out the icon of Panagia Evangelistria, hidden behind the numerous offerings that surround it. On their knees, pilgrims begin the ascent from the port to the church, overlooking Tinos town since 1880.

    Fratelli Rooms Tinos Town

    5 Reasons to Visit Tinos

    Hotel Phone: +30 69 7958 8136Sweet and well-organized Tinos Town hotel with family rooms that sleep up to six guests. Rooms have sea or city views and Cycladic-style decor featuring island-inspired artwork and thoughtfully built-in furnishings, lofts, and alcoves. Great location a 5-minute walk from the ferry terminal and the shops, bars, and restaurants of central Tinos Town.

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    A Guide To Visiting Tinos Greece

    Tinos Island is a small island to the east of mainland Greece, part of the island chain of the Cyclades. Its the fourth-largest island in the Cyclades but vastly underrated and less visited than its popular counterparts Mykonos, Naxos, and Santorini. When I decided to visit Tinos, Greece, I was quite unsure what the island would hold. Would it be overrun with tourists? Would it feel like a traditional Greek island? How are the Tinos beaches? I am happy to report that Tinos is by far one of my favorite destinations and having left a small piece of my heart on the island, I hope to come back one day and pick it back up.

    Where To Stay In Tinos: Best Beaches Towns And Hotels

    *This post contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase through these links, we will earn a commission at no extra cost to you.

    Maybe Tinos is not the first Greek island that comes to your mind when you think of a summer holiday. Other Greek islands are far more popular. Not that theres anything wrong with the likes of Santorini or Mykonos. Weve been there and loved them. However, Tinos Island is amongst the nicest in Greece, with sun-soaked beaches and lovely nature.

    We moved to Greece 4 years ago and have discovered unbelievable islands. One of our favorites is Tinos. The island has tall peaks, ancient villages, pigeon houses, and one of the countrys most important monasteries. Besides we have the best information on where to stay in Tinos. Tinos has incredible hotels, and we have selected the best for you.


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