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Where To Stay In Tivoli Italy

Cheap Boutique Hotels And Accommodations In Tivoli

TE Destinations: Tivoli, Italy

Slip away to a boutique hotel that is both unique and charming but also has a low nightly rate on your next vacation to Tivoli.Art Mary B & B, Hotel Roma Sud, and San Lorenzo Guest House are a few we think you will like if you want style and comfort during your Tivoli stay, but you dont want to pay premium prices. After all, the point of a vacation is to get out and take in the sights, sounds, and culture of Tivoli, not hide in your room.

Actually We Were In Tivoli For One Week Prior To The

Actually, we were in Tivoli for one week prior to the 3-night rental of Da Ghighi and already had plans for a subsequent extended stay. Tivoli is a wonderful place to stay, if one wants a day-to-day experience of a casual, quiet, charming hill-town typical of so many located throughout Italy. And, Tivoli’s proximity to Rome, about 1-hour by train, makes an occasional daytrip to Rome quite easy, for anyone who arranges an extended stay in Tivoli.

Discover Historic Parchments At Didactic Museum Of The Ancient Books

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Located within Villa d’Estes grounds , this private institute is open to the public and seeks to preserve, research, and reconstruct ancient documents. Some of its efforts have resulted in the preservation of ancient papyrus hieratic for the likes of the Vatican Museum. Visitors can enjoy exhibits of parchment and other written materials, as well as some of the instrumentsâsuch as styluses and natural gluesâthat were used in their creation. The museum also features a range of engravings and books dating back to the 15th century.

Didactic Museum of the Ancient Books

Address: Piazza Trento, 5, 00019 Tivoli RM, Italy

This Roman Catholic church is one of Tivolis more beautiful sights, its ornate bell tower proving to be a real landmark that rises above the nearby streets. Boasting a rich history, its Romanesque architecture was erected on top of the remains of an ancient villa. The picturesque exterior continues inside with the geometric shapes of its Cosmatesque floor, making for a fascinating target for those with a camera. Since the structure is still a functioning church today, those seeking to catch a church service on their travels may also wish to pay a visit.

San Pietro alla CaritÃ

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If youre after ancient ruins, stunning gardens, majestic views, and romantic scenes that inspired Renaissance artists, then youve certainly come to the right place. Tivoli wears its history very firmly on its sleeveâand its all the better for it. From the ancient second-century ruins of Hadrians Villaânamed after the famous emperorâthe lofty perch of Temple of Vesta, and the spectacular gardens and terrace sceneries of the grand Villa d’Este, this town is simply chock-full of sublime sights and cultural delights. Fans of culinary treats are also well catered to, with a number of top eateries providing a range of traditional Italian fareâalongside charming terraces from which to marvel at jaw-dropping vistas, even including the majestic Great Waterfall in some cases. Read on for some of the things to do in Tivoli, Italy.

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Ponte dei Sepolcri o di Vopisco

Address: Viale Roma, 1, 00019 Tivoli RM, Italy

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Tivoli, Italy.

Other Day Trips from Rome: Once you have seen the top tourist attractions of Rome and Tivoli, you may want to take more day trips from Rome. Although most tourist don’t think about this destination in terms of a day trip, the island of Capri is one possibility, and our article From Rome to Capri: 5 Best Ways to Get There can help you plan your excursion.

Where to Go from Rome: Italy’s fast train system can whisk you from Rome to other top places to visit in Italy, including Naples, the Renaissance attractions of Florence, and the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

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Explore And Find Your Best Apartments B& bs And Others

If you’re traveling with your family around Tivoli and need a suitable apartment, opt for Palazzo Santori, just a 5-minute walk from PinsItaly restaurant. Antica Villa Di Bruto is a B& B that is 15 minutes’ walk to Tomba della Vestale Cossinia. If you are here on business, Villa Kappa with rates from 80US$ and Tivoli where prices start at 80US$ are great options. Victoria Terme Hotel is a great resort for travelers to Tivoli who would like to spend their vacation relaxing with a golf course, a seasonal outdoor pool and lawn tennis.

Enjoy Romantic Terrace Dining At Il Ciocco

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Set amid the delightful setting of Villa Gregoriana, Il Ciocco boasts not one but two open-air terraces from which you can enjoy the mesmerising view of the waterfalls and Temple of Vesta. Those whod prefer to dine inside can also luxuriate in the air-conditioned main dining room. The extensive menu features a range of seafood and meat dishesâsuch as lamb chops, fillet of beef, or baked golden chickenâwhile the pizzeria offers a couple of dozen different choices, including vegetarian-friendly fare.

Il Ciocco

Opening hours: Mon: 7:30pm – 11pm Tue – Sun: 12pm – 3pm & 7:30pm – 11pm

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Faqs About Hotels In Tivoli

Day Trip From Rome (Part I), Villa dEste Tivoli Italy

We hope that the answers to these questions will help you plan your trip

What are the best city center hotels in Tivoli?

There are 25 hotels and other accommodations in Tivoli city center to choose from. Our customers like B& B Villa D’Este rated 7.8/10. Featuring cribs, a sunbathing terrace and a sun deck, it’s set 5 minutes’ walk from the city center. La Mensa Ponderaria with rating 7.6/10 and B& B Il Castello rated 8.0/10 are other favorite hotels in the area. To check more central hotels click here.

What are the top cheap hotels in Tivoli?

There are more than 5 top budget properties in Tivoli. Hotel Aurora Wellness & Spa with a rating 7.2/10 is a good option set 3.3 miles from Lunghezza Castle. At this 3-star hotel you can take advantage of a golf course, concierge service and cribs. Customers mentioned an first-class service. Hotel Dimora Adriana rated 6.8/10 is one more great hotel, offering medical service, free shuttle service and cribs, as well as prices from 94US$ per one night. Go here to see more cheap hotels.

Which boutique hotels in Tivoli would you recommend?

According to 734 customers’ reviews, there are 7 family deals to consider. B& B Villa Adriana : a family-hotel with shopping service, laundry facilities and airport shuttle service for 76US$ per night. Hotel Tivoli and Hotel Cristallo Relais Sure Hotel Collection By Best Western all received 734 reviews from families traveling in Tivoli. To see more family accommodations click here.

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Enjoy A Meal At The Ristorante Osteria La Briciola


Tivoli has a variety of first class restaurants and the Ristorante Osteria la Briciola is one of the top rated in the area.

This fine establishment is actually located just outside of the city in the small village of Bivio San Polo on the slopes of Monte Catillo.

Here you can enjoy a myriad of beautifully created and presented dishes including seafood and traditional Italian pasta.

Furthermore their dessert section is to die for and each selection tastes divine and looks stunning.

Many people comment on the restaurants attention to detail, the friendly nature of the staff and the beautiful setting.

Hotels Near The Sights

  • Started by architect and historian, Pirro Liggori in 1549, for Cardinal Ippolito dEste, this famous villa estate is one of the finest examples of Renaissance residence and garden architecture and design.Read more
  • This is an exceptional complex of classical buildings built in the 2nd century AD by the Roman Emperor Hadrian, which reproduces the best elements of the cultures of Egypt, Greece and Rome in the form of an “ideal city.”Read more

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A Longer Stay In Tivoli

Most visitors to Tivoli appear to make a day trip from Rome but my husband and I are wondering if a longer stay would be an attractive and more relaxing option? If so, what would be the optimum number of days to appreciate all that Tivoli has to offer?

We are hoping our trip will include at least 5 days in Rome plus a stay in another culturally or aesthetically interesting location nearby for a relaxing end to our trip. Any other suggestions would be very welcome.

Thanks for any help you can offer us.

Hit The Lanes At Cosmico Bowling

Taken from Tivoli dEste in Tivoli Italy. #travel #ttot #nature #photo # ...

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Families or groups of friends seeking a little fun downtime from all the impressive sightseeing may wish to plan a visit to Cosmico Bowling. This bright and colourful bowling alley features 8 lanes for a little 10-pin action, as well as bumpers for the less skillful or the little ones. Other amenities include a billiard room with a pool table and arcade machines for you to enjoy when not hitting the lanes. Theres also an on-site wood-oven pizzeria, alongside a bar with a range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks for you to enjoy.

Cosmico Bowling

Opening hours: Mon – Fri: 6am – 2am Sat – Sun: 8am – 12am

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Get Up Close With Tivoli’s Medieval Past At Casa Gotica

Casa Goticaâwhich literally translates to Gothic Houseâdates back to the late-medieval period. Not only does it offer a tantalising window into the architectural styles of the period, but it is also an arresting target for your camera. Built using local tuff, the house extends to three floors and is located on Via Campitelli, which links to the beautiful Tiburtine Square of Piazza Campitelli and San Pietro alla Carità . Its also close to the extensive Villa d’Este, so you should find plenty of beautiful buildings to enjoy during your visit.

Casa Gotica

Visit The Roman Temple Of Vesta

The neighbour of Temple of Sibilla, this first-century-BC structure features ornate columns that still make for an impressive sight, two millennia later. Indeed, its picture-postcard appearance and setting have inspired a myriad of architectural mimics in other countriesâfrom Temple of Solitude at Kew in the UK to Sunol Water Temple in Northern California. Naturally, anyone paying the original a visit will be able to enjoy the aforementioned Temple of Sibilla plus the numerous other attractions at Villa Gregoriana.

Temple of Vesta, Tivoli

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Take A Day Trip To Rome

When stopping in Tivoli, you simply cannot pass up the chance to visit Rome.

Tivoli is literally 20km to the east of central Rome and has great transport links to the Eternal City.

Rome is renowned worldwide for its fantastic array of ancient architecture and gorgeous historical buildings.

Notable sites include the Colosseum, St. Peters Square, St. Peters Basilica, The Vatican, The Sistine Chapel, the Trevi Fountain and the Pantheon.

This is just the beginning and Rome has so much more to offer than these well-known attractions.

Tivoli is a great base from which to explore Rome and travel into the centre.

Gaze Upon The Majestic Great Tivoli Waterfall

Villa D’Este Tour, Tivoli – Day trip from Rome

Editor’s Note: There’s no photo available at the time of writing

The Grand Cascade of Tivoli dominates the backdrop of Villa Gregorianas parkland. Plummeting some 120 metres into the gorge below, its impressive curtain of water will make for a truly memorable sightâand the perfect way to cap any visit to the park. Delighting visitors with its romantic setting for centuries, the falls may be a natural marvel, but the waters as we see them today are actually the result of 19th-century efforts to combat flooding after a devastating event in the 1820s. Subsequent works saw the river diverted and the number of falls reduced from four to two, but they still make for an arresting vista.

Great Tivoli Waterfall

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Explore The Magnificent Park At Villa Gregoriana

The park of Villa Gregoriana sits below Tivolis ancient acropolis and boasts a number of romantic woodland walks and trails that lead to notable landmarks, such as the river-carved Neptune and Sirens caves, along with other historic temple sites. And, of course, this parks gorge and Aniene River setting includes one of the most visually striking natural marvels in Tivoli, the Great Waterfall . Youll also find a small cafeteria in the park in which to break up your explorations.

The townâs many charms dont just extend to its history and stunning architectureâthough therell be plenty more to come on this list. No, its culinary heritage is another potential highlight for any food lover. Including a private tour of Tivolis marketâwhere youll get the chance to see some of the local produceâthis five-hour package includes a cooking workshop at the hosts home before enjoying a sit-down meal. Whats more, youll learn how to prepare three traditional recipes, enabling you to relive your Tivoli taste experiences whenever and wherever you choose.

Private market tour and cooking class with lunch or dinner in Tivoli

Duration: 5 hours

Tandem Paraglide Full-Day Experience from Rome

Duration: 6 hour

Best Boutique Hotels In Tivoli

Stay at one of the best boutique hotels in Tivoli, so you can have a truly unique experience to enjoy your vacation fully.The Parkhotel Villa Grazioli, iH Hotels Roma La Mela, and Hotel Domidea are some of the best boutique accommodations in Tivoli.For more information on the hotel, click the link and head to the hotel page where you can read why the previous guests are raving.We love boutique hotels because of their attention to detail and personalized service.Boutique hotels will also feature locally sourced goods, art, and furniture to their guests so you can immerse yourself in the culture of the area and feel the Citys vibe.Reserve a boutique hotel in Tivoli and create memories that will last a lifetime.

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Average Weather In June In Tivoli Italy

The average minimum temperature in Tivoli in June is 14.5°C . The amount of rain in June is normal with an average of 40mm .It rains on average a total of 4 days. The average maximum daytime temperature lies around 28.1°C . If you enjoy looking at a blue sky and love the sun than this is a great time to go to Tivoli with 285 hours of sun.So what to wear in June? Visitors traveling to Tivoli might want to wear dresses, tops, T-shirts and skirts made of cotton or linen. Shorts for men made of cotton or linen are good options for staying cool on a hot day. No idea where to travel to this year? We now have a tool which suggests which destination suits your ideal climate conditions. Find out where to go with our weather planner.For other monthly average weather and what to do in June look at the numbers below.

Explore The Castle Of Rocca Pia

The Villa d

An iconic landmark of Tivoli, this impressive fort and its four towers date back more than 550 years and was commissioned by Pope Pius II. Since then, it has had a fascinating tale to tell, from its time as a barracks for Austrian and French troops in the 18th century to its use as a prison during the Napoleonic era. Built from local tuff, this imposing edifice later fell into disuse, and it only reopened to the public as an attraction in December 2018. So any visitor can consider themselves fortunate to be able to look around a picture-postcard part of Tivoli that was until recently off-limits.

Rocca Pia

Address: 00019 Tivoli RM, Italy

Opening hours: Sat – Sun: 10am – 4pm

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Enjoy A Drink At Flos Cafe And Bistro

Flos cafe and bistro is located on the Via Ponte Gregoriano only a short walk from the magnificent waterfalls of Tivoli.

This establishment is a fantastic place to enjoy a quiet drink, but you can also tuck in to a hearty meal or a coffee.

The décor is upmarket and the ambience of the bistro bar is pleasant and inviting if you can get an outside table you are granted with views of the Temple of Sibylla.

For those who enjoy a drink or two, you can choose from a range of craft beers, wines and spirits including many from the local area.

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