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Where To Stay In Trastevere Rome

What Is The Best Part Of Rome To Stay In

Best restaurants in Trastevere ð?? where to eat in Trastevere | by Rome locals

When deciding where to stay in Rome, you really need to consider your travel plans and how much time you can stay. If you are only planning to stay 2 days in Rome to visit the main central landmarks, I would probably suggest booking your hotel near the city center. By staying near the Centro Storico, you wont need to use public transport because all landmarks will be within pleasant walking reach.

If you enjoy the traditional vibe, you can book your room in Trastevere, but knowing that most parts of the neighborhood are always busy with tourists, day and night. If you are a nightlife enthusiast, then this is the perfect spot so to go back to your hotel you wont need a taxi.

For those who prefer to stay in a more quiet and residential area but still not far from the pulsing heart of the city and the main artistic, historical, and architectural masterpieces, quarters such as Monti and Prati are perfect.

If you dont mind using buses, trains, and the metro, and also if you are staying longer, lets say a week in Rome, then you can totally enjoy the authentic Roman spirit of neighborhoods such as Testaccio, Ostiense, and Garbatella.

Where To Stay In Esquilino

Located in Central Rome around Termini Train Station, Rome’s most busy transport hub, you can find a plethora of cheap hotels with all the amenities conveniently located near Piazza Vittorio Emanuele II, dozens of eateries, and the Museum of the Liberation of Rome. It is also part of the City Center so you are near many of the big attractions and parks.

Known for its mid-range hotel costs, recently renovated buildings, and being just a few steps to the Termini Station, Esquilino is perfect for those on a budget looking to save money. Foodies also flock to this quaint neighborhood for its vast array of different cuisines and trendy bars.

The History Of Trastevere Rome

Trastevere literally means âacross the Tiberâ, owing to its location on the opposite bank of the River Tiber from the ancient city walls of Rome. This area was conquered by the emerging city of Rome in order to control the river from both banks.

But this part of the city wasnât developed like other parts of Rome, and it was only connected to the rest of the city by the Pons Sublicus â a small wooden bridge. In the Republic era fishermen and sailors moved into the district, alongside Jewish and Syrian immigrants from the east.

In the time of Augustus , Trastevere was more properly considered part of the city and administered as one of Romeâs 14 districts. During the following centuries of the Roman Empire, Trastevere was the center of the cityâs Jewish community and is still home to Romeâs oldest remaining synagogue. However, the Jewish population of Rome as a whole â including that of Trastevere â was forced to move into a ghetto in the mid-16th century.

Villas for important Romans were built in the Imperial era, as were numerous churches in later years of the empire. Many winding lanes made up the district back then, which are still a defining feature of Trastevere today â as is its multicultural community, which has been in the district for thousands of years.

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Where To Stay In Rome Italy

Here are the best neighborhoods in Rome to stay in. We have broken them down by interest to make it easier.

Rome Neighborhoods Guide

What is the best location to stay in Rome?

If you want to take in the charm of Rome and still be within walking distance to the historic center then Trastevere is the best location to stay in.

Where should you stay in Rome as a first-time visitor?

If you are visiting Rome for the first time then we recommend the Centro Storico neighborhood. It has most of Romes main attractions and is the cultural heart of the city

How long do you need to spend in Rome??

Typically you can get a great feel by spending 3 Days in Rome. It gives you enough time to take in the major sights and experience the culture of Rome.

Get your bearings with this Map of Rome Neighbourhoods

On the surface, Rome can seem confusing, chaotic, and completely overwhelming.

But, once you understand the layout of the city and how to navigate the different neighborhoods, youll see that Rome is actually laid out pretty logically.

Rome has many small neighborhoods and has a compact, walkable city centers like other European capitals such as Edinburgh or Vienna.

The Best Trastevere Restaurants

8 Things to Do in Rome

A great way to explore Trasteveres food scene and learn more about Italian food culture is on the Trastevere food tour with Eating Italy. We loved their Testaccio food tour and would like to try their evening or daytime Trastevere walk.

Its also worth walking over the river to some excellent restaurants in Testaccio.

These are some of our favourite Trastevere restaurants:

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Where To Stay In Rome With Kids: Monti

Monti is the oldest neighborhood in Rome and it is a charming residential area. Its one of the best places to stay in Rome with kids.

Your kids will love that it is where the gladiators used to sleep. You will love that you can see the Colosseum from your hotel window.

This is an area full of culture, character, and interesting history. In the 1930s it was the place to stay in Rome for young artists but in Roman times it was the slums where prostitutes lined the streets . Maybe dont tell your kids about that last part. Today, it is a mix of old and new traditions with eclectic shops and welcoming restaurants.

Monti isnt as busy as the city center and it is safer than the budget areas around the train station. It also doesnt have the loud nightlife that you would find in Trastevere.

It is a more suburban area where families can retreat from the hustle and bustle of more touristy sections of the city. So if you are looking to be in the middle of it all, this isnt the place to stay.

To get here, you can walk 15 minutes from the Termini train station, or you can ride just one stop on the metro. Except for the Vatican, its possible to walk to most of the major city attractions.

Castro Pretorio And Esquilino Rome Neighborhoods Near Termini Train Station

Very busy area, Castro Pretorio and Stazione Termini are well-connected to all other neighborhoods and are close to pretty much anything you will be looking for, from restaurants to landmarks to different nightlife options.

While the surroundings of Stazione Termini were once considered unsafe, especially at night, now its really not the case. Mind you, pretty much everywhere around train stations at night is not ideal, but Castro Pretorio is not an unsafe neighborhood.

Bordering with the Sallustiano area, here you can find some of the best gelato and pizza by the slice in Rome. While on the other side of the Termini train station is the lively Esquilino neighborhood, Romes multicultural district. Here, you will find shops, goods, and ingredients literally from all over the world.

Staying near Termini station is for you if:

  • You dont mind traffic
  • You want to be in the middle of the hectic Roman life
  • You want to be close to Romes main train station and bus hub
  • You enjoy a multicultural vibe

What to see in Castro Pretorio neighbourhood near Termini train station:

  • Piazza della Repubblica
  • Diocletian Baths

READ MORE: Are you on a short layover or on a business trip to Rome? Check out more hotels near Stazione Termini.

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Best Rooftop: Hotel San Francesco

Courtesy of Hotel San Francesco

While the Hotel San Francesco is a comfortable hotel with friendly staff, its stand-out feature is undoubtedly the rooftop terrace. With a panoramic 360 degree view taking in surrounding museums, the historic San Francesco church and tree-covered hills in the distance, this is one of the best vantage points in the area. A bar service with an extensive selection of handcrafted cocktails, as well as a choice of wines, beers and non-alcoholic beverages, has made it a popular sunset hang-out spot for both visitors and locals. The small but cozy rooms include a private bathroom with shower. When booking directly through the hotel website, guests can get a 5 percent discount by paying off their entire stay 14 days before arrival or by selecting the “Charity Room” option. In this case, a customer’s nightly 2 euro donation will be matched by the hotel, with all proceeds going to local animal shelters. A continental buffet breakfast is provided in a small dining room and the hotel has rental bicycles available for guests to explore the streets of Rome.

Trastevere The Best Place To Stay In Rome For Food Nightlife & Hidden Gems

Where to Stay in ROME for 2021! Best Neighborhoods!

Trastevere is a charming district next to the historic center. Here, the tourist crowds are a bit more bearable and hidden gems are a lot more abundant. Trastevere is home to some of the best restaurants and bars in Rome, making it an incredible choice for foodies.

Check accommodations in Trastevere

Why You Should Stay in Trastevere

A heaven for foodies: Trastevere is one of the ultimate places to taste Roman cuisine. Unlike Centro Storico, this district is full of authentic restaurants that locals would approve of, and theres less risk of stepping into tourist traps. Dont miss Nannarella and Tavernetta 29.

The best nightlife: The aperitivo is a pre-meal drink meant to open the stomach. This is a big Italian tradition, and theres no better place to experience it than in Trastevere, which is full of bars ones that locals actually go to. Many of them stay open well into the night.

Discover hidden gems: Trastevere is bursting with medieval bohemian vibes. In between the cobblestone alleys and ivy-covered buildings, there are tons of hidden churches, squares, and villas. Staying here is great for exploring beyond the big tourist attractions of Rome.

Romantic vibes: Wondering where to stay in Rome for couples? Trastevere is picturesque, historic, and less touristy than the historic center, making it a perfectly romantic neighborhood. Its endless amazing restaurants also make for incredible date nights.


Top Accommodations in Trastevere

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Top Things To See And Do In Esquilino

  • Sip and sample your way through the bustling Mercato Centre.
  • See the stunning architecture at the Basilica di Santa Maria Degli Angeli e Dei Martiri.
  • Quench your thirst and hunger at Bred Bottega Gourmet, where the sandwiches are to die for!
  • Take a stroll around Piazza del Spagna and sit on the Spanish Steps.
  • Take in the panoramic views of Rome from the rooftop of the Radisson Blu Es Hotel, where you can enjoy cocktails and DJ sets as you watch the sun go down.
  • Walk up to Piazza del Popolo to see the oldest obleisk in the city.
  • If youre staying a while in Rome, take a weekend trip from Termini Station to Pompeii.
  • Learn to cook your favorite Italian fare by taking a cooking class with a local.
  • Rent a Vespa and explore the city on two wheels. You know, like they do in the movies!
  • Grab a seat and spend an afternoon people-watching over a cup of espresso at eBar.
  • Take a food tour of Rome and explore its culinary secrets.
  • Explore the ancient baths of Diocletian, the largest of the imperial baths that were built between 298 and 306.
  • Indulge in Italian pastries and savour a cup of cappuccino at DAngelo Gatronomia Caffe.

Best Places To Stay In Trastevere

Sonnino Suite From 100

The Sonnino Suite is located in Trastevere district, next to the Basilica of Santa Maria in Trastevere and Tiber Island. There is a tramway stop just in front of the hotel, so its extremly convenient if you are tired of walking. There are also numerous restaurants nearby: after a good day of visits, no need to go too far to have a great diner!

The rooms are spacious, elegant and most importantly in this district: soundproof!

And if you need any help to plan your visits, dont hesitate to ask the staff, they are very helpful. Definitely a great place to stay in Rome!

Rhea Silvia Luxury Rooms From 135

Located in the heart of Trastevere district, this hotel is also close to Piazza Navona and the Pantheon , as well as the Piazza Campo de Fiori .

The Rhea Silvia Luxury Rooms offers well equipped rooms that will satisfy even the most exigent travellers. The rooms are large, comfortable and, last but not least, very modern, which is quite uncommon in Rome in this price range!

The welcome is excellent, with welcome gifts and the hosts are always ready to help you. They are really full of good advice for visiting Rome.

Its our crush for is amazing value for money in Trastevere!

Le VOI Donna Camilla Savelli Hotel From 250

Located in an old monastery, with an interior garden, a terrace overlooking the city, and designed by a baroque architect, the 4-star hotel VOI Donna Camilla Savelli has everything needed to seduce you.

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Where To Stay In Rome In 202: Best Neighborhoods + Hotels

Sean FinelliLast Updated: June 15, 2022

Deciding where to stay in Rome is no easy feat, especially with its 22 rioni or districts to choose from. Each neighborhood has a distinct personality, price tag, and atmosphere to consider when picking your temporary home. In this guide, we will help you decide on an area that best suits your style and offer you hotel options for a memorable vacation!

Pro Tip: Once you decide where to stay in Rome, consider our guided tours. A city like Rome is best discovered with the help of a local tour guide who can help you uncover the citys many layers. We have some of the top-ratedif not THE top-ratedtours in Rome. If you like this article, also take a look at our online guidebook for Rome.

Insider Tip: Spend The Night In Rome In A Monastery

View of Old street in Trastevere in Rome

Rome is home to the Vatican, so naturally there are many monasteries most of them near Vatican City. And these monasteries often offer rooms for tourists.

Dont think of it as the classic, strict monastery, though. Romes clerics nowadays provide various types of accommodation.

And at much lower rates than the usual rooms in the city: you can get a double room for as little as 40 to 60 euros per night.

The rooms are simple, but always very clean and with everything you need: a private bathroom, TV, Wi-Fi and breakfast.

Of course, there are some rules in such accommodations: Party tourism is taboo and there is a curfew at which you have to be back at your accommodation in the evening. That is usually 11 pm or midnight.

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Flat In Rome Trastevere Complex Trastevere Apartment For Up To 10 People

If you are looking for an apartment in Trastevere that can take up to 10 guests, you should look at t FlatinRome Trastevere Complex.

Located in Via della Luce, the apartment is in a quiet part of Trastevere, away from the busiest streets yet close enough to all Trastevere attractions and it is perfect for larger groups and families.

The rooms have a generous size and have a mix of double, single and bunk beds, the kitchen is well equipped and there is a lovely balcony with a table and chairs that are perfect for breakfast with city views.

Good to know: FlatinRome has more than one apartment in the same building and in streets nearby, catering also to smaller groups.

Walk Through Porta Settimiana

The Porta Settimiana is one of Romeâs famous gates located along the ancient Aurelian walls, which were built by Emperor Aurelian in the 3rd century AD. This gate is the only one located on this bank of the Tiber that remains in its original position. Youâll find it marking the starting point of the Via della Lungara â the 16th-century road that connects this part of Rome with the Vatican City and the very same one where youâll find Villa Farnesina. Itâs an impressive place to stumble across.

The small square by Porta Settimiana is probably the busiest crossroad in Trastevere, too. There are a couple of restaurants there, and many bars that are open until the wee hours!

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Apartment Rentals In Trastevere

San Francesco a Ripa Apartment:San Francesco a Ripa is one of my favorite streets in Trastevere. It leads from a lovely church up to the piazza where you will find the beloved institution of Bar San Calisto. Along the way, there are vintage stores, restaurants like Pizzeria Ivo, and bars. This one bedroom apartment sits above it all on the second floor of a typical Trastevere building. It feels like home, but has been updated for comfort during short stays offering everything from Wi-Fi to free toiletries, and a kitchen in case you want to cook in for once. It is also a great value for the neighborhood.

Mamis Apartment Trastevere: Most Roman apartments are small by US standards, and a lot of the apartments that you will find in Trastevere are so small that the bedrooms are actually in a loft above the rest of the living area. This can look cool but feel crowded. If you are traveling with a bigger group, or can simply swing the budget for the extra space, this Trastevere apartment is incredibly central and beautifully designed. Seriously. I want to live in this light-filled three-bedroom just off the main square, but I would settle for a quick vacation rental. It sleeps 8!

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