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Where To Stay In Turin Italy

Wie Erfahre Ich Ob Ich Aus Einem Hochrisiko

Turin (Torino) Italy – Cheap Travel

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Top Luxury Hotels In Turin

Opulence, comforts and style in the city centre for the demanding traveller, these are some luxurious places to stay in Turin. Perfect if you are on holiday and want to go sightseeing every day and also for who is on a business trip.

Turin Palace Hotel, one of the best 5-star hotels in Turin

Among the hotels near Porta Nuova station in Turin, this is by far the most luxurious and one of the favourites. Thanks to its exclusive location, Turin Palace Hotel is a great place to stay for sightseeing in Turin city centre.

One of the best places to stay in Turin, it will undoubtedly add value and pleasure to your holiday.

The rooms are comfortable, modern and well-equipped with everything you might need. Included in the room fare are a complimentary minibar and tea and coffee-making supplies. All rooms have a modern and comfortable private bathroom.

Among the favourite facilities are an excellent daily breakfast, the elegance of a recently renovated 19th-century palace and free WiFi throughout the property. Turin Palace Hotel also has a delicious restaurant open for lunch and dinner, and a state-of-the-art spa.

Starhotels Majestic Torino, a favourite 4-star hotel in Turin city centre

One of the favourite 4-star hotels in Turin, Starhotels Majestic Torino is a great choice for who is on a business trip as well as leisure travellers whether on a weekend city break or a long holiday.

NH Torino Centro, 4-star hotel in Turin

How To Get Around Turin

Turin buses, trams, and trains allow easy access to anywhere in the city. Theyre all run by the same company and usually run from 5 am until midnight, so youre never stranded!

A public transportation ticket can be purchased in any metro station, newsstand, or from several other options. Each ticket is good for 70 minutes across any transport .

Theres also a subway and a bike-share program available and several taxis and driving options. If you want to drive, theres car hire Turin airport has to offer as well as elsewhere.

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Vanchiglia Where To Stay In Turin On A Budget

If you want to be away from the tourists, then Vanchiglia is a good alternative. This is a local neighborhood where the local people go about their everyday life regardless of what travelers are doing.

When you stay in this area, youll get a glimpse of their day to day life and be able to eat, drink, and shop where they do. And anyone whos traveled a lot knows that this is the ideal way to find and devour the best food and drink in the city.

You wont be inconvenienced when you stay in Vanchiglia either. Its extremely close to the city center, so you can easily make your way in there on foot or via public transport to explore all the most popular sites.

What makes this one of Turins best neighborhoods is the fact that, afterwards, youll be able to retreat from the tourists and spend your evenings in a quiet, local area.

Tourism In Turin: Overview

Top 6 Places To Visit in Turin, Italy

Turin is located in the Piedmont region in Northern Italy, on the river Po. It is partially surrounded by the Alps, both to the West and to the North. Even though it is not as famous as Rome or Florence, Turin is one of the cities you have to visit in Italy. It has many cultural sights and a rich history. At the same time, it is a business hub in Western Europe.

Turin was the first capital of the unified Italy in 1861. It was also the seat of the royal family House of Savoy. In World War II, the city was heavily damaged. Benito Mussolini closed the auto industry in order to provide military vehicles, which is one of the strongest points in Turin.

Turin is also known as the City of Magic, with its Baroque architecture and many churches, streets and squares . The number of tourists attracted to the city grew especially after Turin hosted the Winter Olympic Games in 2006.

Today, Torino is a green city with many parks. Some of the most iconic in the city are the Giardini Reali and Parco del Valentino. It is the center of Fiat production and highly industrial city. The city is also an European academic center, notably with the Università di Torino.

The citys airport, Aeroporto di Torino offers directly flights to most European capitals. Many low cost airlines also operate regular flights to Turin, among them Blue Air, Wizz Air, Volotea.

If you are flying to Turin or other cities in Italy you can find the cheapest flights on Jetradar.

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Best Hotel In Vanchiglia: Riverside Napione 25

This bed and breakfast is one of the coolest places to stay in Turin. It has three rooms where youll enjoy all the comforts of home as well as easy access to all the best attractions in the city.

There are several eateries and restaurants nearby and the hotel has a swimming pool and a delicious breakfast thats served every morning.

Best Hotel In Borgo Po: La Casanova

If you want to stay outside of the city and amongst the locals, this is a great place to do it. This property has a swimming pool, sun deck and 3 rooms with private bathrooms.

The rooms are comfortably furnished, and a delicious breakfast is served every morning, so you can fill up before you head out to explore the city.

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Where To Stay In Torino

Visit Turin – Part 1

You’ll want to get the most out of your time in Turin so you’llneed a hotel in the right area. There are two hotels in Torino that I always recommend to friends and family. They both offer good quality accommodation in the right part of the city.

My preferred choice is the Grand Hotel Sitea, Perfectly located, you’ll be a part of life in lovely Turin as soon as you step out of the door. The hotel is elegant, the atmosphere is very warm and welcoming prices too are reasonable considering the hotel’s high standards and location.

The next best Turin hotel is the Principi di Piemonte– a great location right in the heart of the city and large well furnished rooms make this a very good second choice… if you can’t get into the Grand Hotel Sitea.

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Things To See And Do In Il Centro:

  • Find a café where you can try a cup of authentic Italian coffee.
  • Try some authentic Italian cuisine in one of the many restaurants.
  • Go people watching in one of the citys squares such as the Piazza San Carlo, the Piazza Palazzo Di Citta, or the Piazza Castello.
  • Get away from the city and explore some of the citys parks such as the Giardini Reali Inferiori, the Giardini dellAnagrafe, or the Giardini Alfredo Frassati.
  • Spend a day just wandering the streets and ducking into every tiny shop and boutique that catches your eye!

Weve tested countless packs over the years, and now weve found our absolute favourite: the nomad-approved Nomatic Travel Bag.

Want more deetz on why we love it so damn much? Then read our comprehensive review for the inside scoop!

Borgo Po Best Neighborhood In Turin For Families

Borgo Po is on the eastern bank of the Po River, so its close to the city center and yet very different from other neighborhoods. This is a mountainous area with steep hills and a historic center with several famous buildings and historic sites.

If youre trying to decide where to stay in Turin with kids, this is an ideal choice because theres plenty to do and yet the atmosphere is quieter and more relaxed.

Photo: Fred Romero

This is a charmingly traditional area that looks and feels very different to the rest of the city. Here youll find lots of green and wooded areas as well as traditional houses that look great in photos.

Basically, if you like to travel out of the box, this is the best area in Turin to stay in.

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Il Centro Where To Stay In Turin First Time

Il Centro is the center of town and filled with architecturally significant buildings. This is an impossibly historical and beautiful city thats ideal for people who enjoy walking.

There are 24 kilometers of narrow streets in this city center, all of them lined with shops and cafes. So, if you enjoy walking to explore urban environments, youll have the time of your life in this part of the city.

Walking around Il Centro offers a huge range of delights. Youll find everything from luxury stores to trendy cafes and restaurants selling Italian cuisine.

And because this city doesnt see as many tourists as some of the larger cities in Italy, youll be able to explore in relative peace and quiet. This combination of attractions makes this area ideal when youre trying to decide where to stay in Turin for one night or for a longer period of time.

Aurora & Vanchiglia: Best Location For Hipsters & Foodies

Turin, Italy: Your Essential Weekend Itinerary

Located north of Torino Centro, Aurora & Vanchiglia are excellent areas to stay in Turin to enjoy great Italian food and a local atmosphere.

    Why is this the best area to stay in Turin:

  • Very centrally-located
  • Porta Palazzo Markets
  • Budget restaurants & accommodation

The Aurora and Vanchiglia districts of Turin are located very close to the historic centre, directly north of the old walled city.

The epicentre of the first wave of industrialisation in Piedmont, Aurora is located on both banks of the Dora river and is famous for hosting the Balon, the most popular flea market in Turin, as well as Porta Palazzo, the largest open market in Europe. Nearby, the historic Ciriè-Lanzo station is now the Piedmontese Railway Museum.

Located between the Monumental Cemetery of Turin and the Dora Riparia, Borgo Rossini is considered the hipster district of Torino. Its bohemian character and the fact that its very close to the Campus Einaudi, has turned it into a nightlife hub. Not far, the newly created Museo Lavazza offers a journey through the history of the legendary Italian coffee brand.

On the other hand, Vanchiglia and the neighbouring Vanchiglietta occupy the strip of land near the confluence of the Po River and the Dora River. Its central location and proximity to the University of Turin headquarters have turned them into residential, commercial and artistic hubs.

Best Hotels in Aurora & Vanchiglia

Hotel Dei Pittori
CX Turin Regina Student & Explorer Place
Hotel Serenella

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Nh Collection Torino Piazza Carlina

This beautiful, central apartment, is steps away from the Egyptian museum, the Piazza Castello, and the Chapel of the Holy Shroud. You cant get any closer to these must-see attractions, in Turino.

It has all the comforts of home, with one bedroom with a double bed, and two beds in the living room, as well as a kitchen, bathroom, and balcony. Although the apartment is located in a prominent piazza, in the historic center, it is very quiet, and secure.

The apartment is great for couples or a small family who want to enjoy all the comforts of home.

Central apartment, just steps from the Egyptian Museum

Price: from 80 USD

The apartment is on the second floor, , of an 18th-century Baroque palace, nestled amongst charming alleys and old, little squares. It includes one bedroom with two beds, a kitchen with sitting room, a sofa bed for two people and a bathroom that can accommodate up to four guests comfortably.

You are steps away from such places as the Piazza Castello, Palazzo Reale, Palazzo Madama, the Porte Palatine, Porta Palazzo and one of the best shopping area in town. You are also close to the two main train stations, Porta Nuova and Porta Susa, which makes sightseeing very convenient.


In the city center, opposite the parkView properties in Turin

Food And Shopping In Torino

Do you enjoy shopping? I dont much but my wife lives, sorry loves, to shop and apart from Rome or Milan nowhere in Italy beats Turin.

From designer boutiques to quaint shops that have been around for centuries, Turin offers the dedicated shopper a paradise.

Many of the best places to shop including Via Roma and the Balon Market are mentioned in my wife

Now the best part of all the food. This is undoubtedly the city with the best food in the entire world, the best coffee, the best chocolates and some of the best wine.

This is an unbiased opinion from someone who is not originally from Torino and from someone who has been to all the great cities of!

Forget about anywhere else Torino is the place to come to eat. It is impossible to eat better have a look at some of the recipes in my Piedmont cooking section .

From Wine to Piedmont Truffles or from Chocolate to Bicerin a week is not enough. Torino is the birthplace of Lavazza coffee, Vermouth, grissini bread sticks and the slowfood movement. Torino chocolate is so good that it deserves a separate section and my guide toTorino’s chocolate heaven is a must read.

Dont miss enjoying an aperitivo – a Torino tradition. This is an art that the Torinese have perfected and seeing they invented Vermouth it is not surprising. The best places, most a little on the expensive side though, are to be found at these cafes.

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Public Holidays And Festivals

Frecce Tricolorinational colours of ItalyFesta della Repubblica

Public holidays celebrated in Italy include religious, national and regional observances. Italy’s National Day, the Festa della Repubblica is celebrated on 2 June each year, with the main celebration taking place in Rome, and commemorates the birth of the Italian Republic in 1946. The ceremony of the event organized in Rome includes the deposition of a laurel wreath as a tribute to the Italian Unknown Soldier at the Altare della Patria by the President of the Italian Republic and a military parade along Via dei Fori Imperiali in Rome.

The Saint Lucy’s Day, which take place on 13 December, is popular among children in some Italian regions, where she plays a role similar to Santa Claus. In addition, the Epiphany in Italy is associated with the folkloristic figure of the Befana, a broomstick-riding old woman who, in the night between 5 and 6 January, bringing good children gifts and sweets, and bad ones charcoal or bags of ashes. The Assumption of Mary coincides with Ferragosto on 15 August, the summer vacation period which may be a long weekend or most of the month.

  • 978-1-317-87917-6. Retrieved 29 September 2019.
  • ^The Guardia di Finanza also operates a large fleet of ships, aircraft and helicopters, enabling it to patrol Italy’s waters and to eventually participate in warfare scenarios
  • Best Airbnbs In Turin Italy

    Best sightseeing of Turin, Italy. Wide tour. Wonders of Turin. Meraviglie di torino

    Turin, Torino in Italian, is a city that welcomes you with endless charming restaurants, breathtakingly beautiful churches, gorgeous boulevards, and magnificent Art Nouveau architecture you can only find in the beautiful Piedmont region in northwest Italy.

    This elegant, Alp fringed city mingles passion with creativity, superb food with stunning art, and blends together a mix of culture and history. Where sports cars and delicious chocolate are a matter of pride for the Torinese.

    A city like this must be on your travel list and you definitely deserve a unique stay while visiting it. Here are some spectacular places to stay, included in this list are a number of Airbnb in Turin, from luxury to budget-friendly, and some conveniently close to train stations.

    Where to stay in Turin, Italy?

    There are plenty of things to do in Turin and beautiful areas to stay, each with its own unique style and taste. Stroll around Piazza Castello, or through Valentino Park, which houses an 18th-century castle, a botanic garden, and a medieval village. Take a look at the Museo Egizio housing one of the most impressive collections of Egyptian artifacts.

    If youâre unsure as to where to stay in Turin, take a look at the popular districts below to find your favorite Airbnb in Turin.

    • Centro
    • Quadrilatero Romano
    • San Salvário
    • Aurora-Vanchiglia
    • Borgo Po
    • Crocetta

    8 Best Airbnbs in Turin, IT

    1) Prestigious Historical Apartment in the Heart of Turin

    Location: Centro

    Location: Crocetta

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