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Where To Stay In Vegas On A Budget

Best Boutique: Oasis At Gold Spike


Courtesy of Oasis at Gold Spike

The Oasis at Gold Spike located close to all the major casinos and the McCarran International Airport is an adorable, whimsical boutique hotel with unique amenities and a style all its own. Recently refurbished to offer 111 elegant yet retro rooms and luxe on-site services, the Oasis features three individually-decorated room types the Ultimate Suite, the Deluxe Room, and the Premium Room, all of which are outfitted with a flat-screen TV, in-room Wi-Fi, and specially formulated hair and skincare products. Select rooms and suites offer a spacious seating area with a sofa, and pets are allowed throughout the property.

Here, guests love lounging at the intimate outdoor pool, dining at the delicious Grill at Gold Spike, sipping cocktails in the adjacent bar, and being near the Fremont Street Experience. During your stay, you can opt to rent a bike, spin records at the cozy Vinyl Library, or simply relax poolside with a fruity drink in hand. With its eclectic offerings and stylish decor, the value-filled Oasis truly lives up to its name.

Accommodation Options For Vegas On A Budget

Hotel prices can be a little deceiving these days. Almost all the hotels on the Strip now charge a resort fee which you have to pay on top of your room fee.

There are some things you can try to avoid paying hotel or resort fees, though.

Ive researched all third-party booking websites, and Booking.com came out the winner for the best rates and random sales for last minute deals!

But if that doesnt work, one of my favorite places to stay thats reasonably priced, even after the resort fee is at theFlamingo Hotel.

Its usually a little less expensive, but has a great pool and perfectly located in the heart of the Vegas Strip.

Casino Royaleis located on the Strip and doesnt charge a resort fee, so this would be another great option to save money on hotels.

Staying downtown or on Fremont Street will also help your budget. The Four Queensis another good option that doesnt charge resort fees.

At any hotel you check-into, you can try the $20 trick. Slip a $20 bill in between your credit card and ID and ask if there are any upgrades available.

The front-desk staff will usually be able to bump you to a bigger room or a room with a better view if available. Its not a guarantee, but always worth a shot.

Another great option is to stay off the Strip at a vacation rental property.

On a recent trip, We found this great house to rent in Las Vegas on VRBO. We had our own pool and with 10 people, it worked out to be $40 per person a night!

Local Tips To Save Money In Vegas

Living in Las Vegas means Ive learned a thing or two about a thing or two when it comes to saving money in Las Vegas.

These arent your typical fill up at your hotels free breakfast so you can skip lunch or head to a grocery store and stock up on snacks when you arrive kind of budget-friendly travel tips . These are like, low-key slick. After all, youre in Vegas, baby!

Dance the night away at a Las Vegas nightclub for free!

Want to know how to get into the nightclubs for free? There are club hosts walking around the Las Vegas strip like little cockroaches just begging you to come on their guest list.

While this sounds creepy AF, they really do just want you to come on their guestlist for free access to the nightclub. They may even throw in a free drink with entry too!

Ahem: If you find yourself NOT being bombarded by free club entrances as you stroll the strip, check to make sure youre not wearing cargo pants, flip-flops with socks, or other not-Vegas-Club worthy clothing. Nothing kills a vibe more than cargo pants, people.

Want to drink for free? Just head to the nearest casino.

To pregame before your night out at the club, you COULD just get alcohol to drink in your room like a normal person OR, you could hit the casinos!

Monique if Im trying to save money, why would I go gambling? Well, because you get to drink for FREE if youre actively gambling!

Do like a local and get off the Strip.

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Best For Nightlife: Palms Casino Resort

Courtesy of Palms Casino Resort

Hosting one of the best party scenes in all of Vegas, the Palms Casino Resort is the prime place to be if youre in the mood to mingle and dance the night away In terms of next-level nightlife and amenities, the Palms has it all: two extravagant pool complexes, fine dining, the dance club Rain and one of the most famous rooftop bars in the city: Apex.

Guests have their pick between three towers the Palms Fantasy, the Palms Place, and the Palms Ivory and several modern, fully-equipped room options. Set aside time to catch a concert at the on-site Pearl Theater, book a decadent steam bath treatment at the Drift Spa and Hammam, or nurse your hangover at the Palms Place Pool, a 50,000-square-foot zen retreat set amidst stone gardens, waterfalls, and brightly-colored tropical flowers. The glitzy sights and sounds of the Strip are just a short walk or cab ride away, of course, but we dont blame you if you never leave the lively Palms property.

Free And Cheap Pools In Las Vegas

Vegas On A Budget: Where to Eat, Stay and Play and Spend ...

If you werent able to snag a room at a hotel with a great pool, you can certainly enjoy the chlorine-laden waters at another property. But may cost you some buck bucks depending on where you go. You may need to either pay a cover charge, or rent a daybed or a cabana .

Good to know: Sometimes the cost of admission to the pools around Las Vegas is more expensive for men. It is also worth noting that there are often discounts for locals and military.

Here are some of the most affordable pools in Las Vegas. Some are even free!

Go Pool | at the Flamingo

  • Monday Thursday: FREE admission to everyone

  • Friday Sunday: $22 admission for non-guests

Looking for a night dip? Every Monday at 8 p.m. the Boulevard Pool shows a Dive-In Movie. Doors open at 7 p.m. and admission is $7.

*prices as of April 2020

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How To Get Around Las Vegas

If youre staying on the Strip, the best thing you can do is get a bus pass. You can pick up an RTC bus pass for 24 hours for $8, or one for three days for just $20.

The Deuce on the Strip line runs 24/7 and travels the full length of the famous road. Theres also a Downtown Loop line for those staying in that part of town.

Taxis are also readily available in Las Vegas. They use a meter so youll get a fair price. It is usually cheaper to use rideshare apps like Uber and Lyft, which are both huge in Vegas.

It can definitely be fun to rent a car in Vegas if you want to get out of town. The Red Rock Canyon is just 15 minutes away and is a beautiful place to explore. Its about an hour to the historic Hoover Dam if you want to check that out.

That being said, traffic on the Strip can be crazy and unfortunately, there are usually tipsy drivers on the road. Free parking is also harder to come by these days. If youre just in Vegas for a weekend to take in the sights, you can skip the rental car entirely.

What Is The Best Time Of Year To Visit Las Vegas

Las Vegas is located in a desert climate, so you can expect hot, hot summers and cool winters. No matter when you visit, it’s likely to be chilly at night. Early winter and spring, however, offer the nicest, mildest weather when it will be the most comfortable to stroll the Las Vegas Strip or lounge at the pool.

Though, if you’re planning to spend most of your time indoors on the casino or convention floor, the weather likely won’t be a big factor when considering the time of year to visit.

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If Youre A Group Of Girls Ask Your Host If Any Guy Tables Are Looking For Girls

Once you do find a Las Vegas promoter, be sure to ask them if they have any groups of guys looking for girls to hang out with them.

This can work two ways:

  • Theyll pair you with the guy group in line that way you can both get in quickly
  • Theyll send you to the guy groups table
  • Either way, theyre both a win win.

    Free & Cheap Things To Do In Las Vegas

    How to Visit Las Vegas on a Budget

    Now that you know how to get to Las Vegas without spending a fortune and you have a few resources for booking cheap hotels, lets talk about how to enjoy your time in Sin City without breaking the bank.

    There are plenty of money-sucking activities in Las Vegas from zip-lining at the Fremont Experience, to helicopter tours over the city and, well, gambling. It can seem like this citys sole purpose is to flatten out your wallet.

    But there are actually a ton of free things to do in and around Las Vegas. You just gotta know where to find them!

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    Best Time To Visit Las Vegas

    Las Vegas is blessed with year-round, GREAT weather! Our winters are not too cold, but you will not get to enjoy any of the swimming or day club activities. The time of year that is best will depend on the type of vacation you plan on doing.

    Lets break it down by season:


    Okay, I know I said the weather is always great, but if I had to rule out one season in Vegas, it would be winter. The city is borderline deserted and the weather is too cold to swim .

    We dont even decorate that well for Christmas!

    Id only recommend visiting in the Winter if you prefer uncrowded streets and dont mind a lack of pool time fun. For the rest of you, lets just skip to spring.


    Springs weather is really beautiful because of the season, its around 60-70 degrees. The only downside of traveling to Las Vegas in the Spring is that the weather changes often. Some days its beautiful and sunny, and other days were in the middle of a hurricane.

    But hey, you are coming to Las Vegas to gamble, especially since the sports betting Canada laws are so frustrating, so why not gamble on the weather too, am I right!?

    • Side Note: Day clubs are one of the best things to do in Las Vegas and dont open until late spring. I will touch on that later, but definitely keep that in mind when planning a visit!



    Find A Cheap Hotels In Las Vegas

    Las Vegas has no shortage of hotel rooms, so unless youre traveling during an extremely busy time, you shouldnt have a problem finding a room youll love. And theres actually a pretty decent assortment of affordable hotels if you know where to look.

    Lucky for you, we did a ton of research before our trip to Vegas, and were pretty sure we found the best way to find cheap hotels.

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    When In Doubt Fly Southwest

    Aside from Frontier or Spirit, Southwest is generally the cheapest airline to fly to Las Vegas from the mainland U.S.

    And in my opinion, its the best option because it has a secret weapon Rapid Rewards.

    Earning Southwest Rapid Reward Points are so easy that it should be illegal. In less than 3 months, you can find yourself with enough points in your account for 4 or more roundtrip tickets.

    Here are some surefire Southwest Airlines hacks to help you save money while also earning free flights as soon and easy as possible.

    Tips For Booking A Hotel

    5 Cheap Places to Stay in Las Vegas

    Las Vegas hotels are tiered it’s a basic truth that some are just more expensive than others. Budget hotels on the Las Vegas Strip are aplenty, but you can also deals and save costs on even the most luxurious resorthere’s how.

    • Signing up for hotel loyalty programssuch as Venetians Grazie, Wynns Red Card, Caesars Rewards, and MGMs MLifewill reward you with comp points, food and beverage credits, show tickets, and lots of other deals that will soften prices.
    • It’s not uncommon to stumble on an outstanding hotel deal, like, say, a room advertised for $29 a night, but a word of caution: Once you add a resort fee and parking, and the 12 to 13 percent hotel room tax on the Strip and Downtown, those prices start to look a little less like a bargain.
    • Theres a downward trend in parking fees, but mostly for self-parking. Check the rates before you book.
    • No matter when you decide to visit Las Vegas, planning a mid-week trip can make a difference of hundreds of dollars. Youll find rooms at their lowest rates between Tuesday and Thursday.
    • Many people dont know that a lot of the hotel casinos actually publish their own rate calendars well in advance. Theres often no need to look up random dates and hope for the best: Its all there on the calendar. MGMs hotels have always done this . You might have to do a little digging, though, since a few hotel casinos bury them within the site.

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    How To Stay Safe In Las Vegas

    Las Vegas is a safe place to visit. Violent attacks are rare, but like all big cities, practice caution wherever you go. Vegas does have some gang violence, but if you stick to Fremont Street or the Strip, you likely wont come in contact with it.

    Dont walk alone at night in unlit places, and keep your valuables secure at all times. Keep an eye on your wallet while in large crowds on Fremont Street or on public transportation.

    Never leave your drink unattended and be wary of buying things from street vendors. This is especially true for event tickets.

    If youre hiking, always bring water and sunscreen. It can get super hot! If you rent a car, dont leave any valuables in it overnight. While break-ins are rare, its always better to be safe than sorry!

    If you experience an emergency, dial 911 for assistance.

    Worried about travel scams? Read about these 14 major travel scams to avoid. There arent many here in the states though.

    Always trust your gut instinct. If a taxi driver seems shady, stop the cab and get out. If your hotel is seedier than you thought, get out of there. Make copies of your personal documents, including your passport and ID. Forward your itinerary along to loved ones so they know where you are.

    If you dont do it at home, dont do it when youre in Las Vegas. Follow that rule and youll be fine.

    Giordanos In Las Vegas

    Want to know where to go to satisfy your pizza craving while in Sin City? Stop in at Giordanos for the best deep dish pie on the Strip! Created by Mama Giordano in a small Italian town, our pizza carries on the love and flavor of tradition. Each pie is handcrafted with a double crust, stuffed with Wisconsin mozzarella and baked fresh especially for you.

    Since 1974, weve been serving the best Chicago-style pizza in the world. We also offer other affordable and tasty Italian dishes on our menu. From chicken parm subs to our own personal-size Italian beef pie, we have the treats to make you feel at home in mamas kitchen.

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    Casino Loyalty Programs And Coupon Books

    Airlines, hotels and car rental agencies arent the only companies to reward travelers for their loyalty.

    Casinos offer their members discounted or free rooms, shows, meals and more. OK, dont expect a free room unless you gamble a fair amount. But discounts are pretty easy to come by.

    Typically, you need to sign up in person something that wont help you on your first trip to Las Vegas. However, if you have a local outpost of one of the big casino chains, sign up there and then try your luck at a discounted room.

    For those who really want to dive into these programs, heres our complete guide.

    Sometimes, there are promotions to sign up, especially at the smaller casinos. This could mean a free game or a match play, where the casino essentially doubles your bet.

    I recently earned a promotion through an online game, myVEGAS Slots, which is run by Playstudios and partners with several travel and entertainment companies for rewards, including MGM. Its a free online casino that Ive wasted way, way too many hours at over the years. There are also plenty of free night offers for people who play the online game, but its not an easy path to a cheap vacation.

    Best Cheap Hotel With Free Parking: Tuscany

    Las Vegas On a Budget | Travel Tips, Tricks, and Where to Stay

    The Tuscany, as the name suggests, is modeled after a countryside Italian theme, but it really feels more like a coastal California retreat in which everything comes easy. That includes parking. Not only is it free, but plenty of spaces surround the resort, including by wherever your room might be. Rooms feel up to date and the pool deck has a lagoon feel with towering palm trees.Location: The resort is less than a mile east of the Strip. Its also close to UNLV and the Sands Expo Convention Center.Nearby Dining: The hotels own Tuscany Gardens is a nice spot for Italian dining. Youre also right across the street from Lawrys the Prime Rib and Bandito Latin Kitchen, where Mexican food is prepared with fresh, healthy ingredients in a contemporary setting.Nearby Attractions: If you dont mind a little footwork, Strip attractions like the High Roller wheel and Drais rooftop nightclub are in walking distance.Resort Fee: $32 per night.

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