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Where To Stay In Warsaw

Saska Kpa Where To Stay In Warsaw With Family

Visit Warsaw – 5 Love & Hates of Warsaw, Poland

South of Praga is the area called Saska Kpa. Park Skaryszewski, one of the largest parks in Warsaw is located here and contains several lakes, rivers, and recreational opportunities. Saska Kpa is also home to PGE Narodowy, a national arena for sports and events.

The neighborhood is full of pre-War mansions, many of which are now foreign embassies and consulates. This is a really nice residential neighborhood, perfect for travelers seeking a family-friendly Airbnb in Warsaw.

Sixth Advantage Delicious Food

Meals are the last, but not least thing you should care about during your trip. Because most tourist circle around Downtown, the best restaurants, bistros and other culinary spots are located here and you can taste both traditional, polish cuisine and the worlds best food all is in the arms reach. If you like to eat the best the place you visit has to offer, you have to choose a Hotel in the city centre of Warsaw you wont regret it.

Thai restaurants in Warsaw

Best Thai restaurants in Warsaw Do you like Asian cuisine? If yes, youre probably wondering what are the best Thai restaurants in Warsaw. Were here to help you! Weve created a list of places that are worth visiting. Thai restaurants in the capital an overview of best places: InAzja a restaurant in the

Active rest in Warsaw

Active rest in Warsaw Where to go? Are you planning to visit the capital and wondering what to do in your free time apart from sightseeing? If you like being active, we have several interesting suggestions for your active rest in Warsaw. Here they are: Walks in the parks its an option for

Visiting Warsaw with children

Stay in Warsaw with children You are going to visit Warsaw with your children, but you are also afraid that they will be bored there. There is no need to be worry about it, because Warsaw is a city which waits not only for adults but for your kids as well. We would like to

Visiting Warsaw interesting places

Inside Warsaw: Getting To Know Warsaw Poland

Warsaw has so much to offer, from a somewhat bizarre mix of abundant churches, shiny offices and Communist-era concrete slabs. The citys look and feel mirrors its turbulent history.

The most popular area of Warsaw is its heart Stare Miasto , but there are a few other notable areas to consider when deciding where to stay in Warsaw. Nowy Swiat and the most centrally-located Srodmiescie, with all the key monuments and unique architecture. Sitting riverside in the once-undesireable-now-fashionable Powisle is the place to be in the summer, and across the Vistula River, the booming district of Praga is increasingly loved by locals and tourists alike. Green and peaceful Mokotow is known as a convenient place to stay in Warsaw, and further south, Wilanow tempts with its royal Palace and lush gardens. Warsaw is a diverse city and its worth exploring it beyond what the guidebooks recommend, going further into some of its less obvious spots.

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Powisle For Riverside Views Of Warsaw

If you are thinking of something offbeat for where to stay in Warsaw, then Powisle should be your pick. It is not one of the famous neighbourhoods yet, but there are plenty of lively restaurants and bars which are very popular among the locals. In summer this district is bustling not only with international tourists, but you will find a lot of Polish travelers basing here.

The nearby Kazimierzowski park gets crowded during this time when people picnic. The famous Copernicus Science Centre is also not far to visit. Head to one of the many pop bars at night to witness Warsaws nightlife.

Best hotels in Powisle

Best cheap & mid-Range Hotels

Bez Kantów Boutique Rooms | Rating 8.7/10 A unique boutique stay at great value for money, this is one of the best finds in Powsile. The location is perfect, and the rooms are clean and come with all amenities.

SleepWell Apartments Ordynacka | Rating 9.4/10 One of the hotels in the area with lovely rooms at a lovely location.

Royal Route Residence | 8.3/10 A well-located ancient building offering a stay, the rooms offer great city views.

Recommended Luxury Hotel in Powsile

PURO Warszawa Centrum | Rating 9.4/10 Located on the border between Powsile and the old town, PURO is one of the household names in luxury stays in Warsaw. Great value for money.

Srodmiescie : City Center And Warsaw New Town

Where To Stay in Warsaw, Poland  Best Hotels and ...

Making up a large part of the Warsaw city center, Srodmiescie is where business, politics and entertainment happen, and also where the citys history began. Its conveniently linked with other Warsaw neighborhoods, making it a good starting point for sightseeing or trips to other areas of Poland. There are two train stations in Srodmiescie, including Warsaw Central Station . Being central, and with convenient access to Warsaw public transport, makes this one of the best places to stay in Warsaw.

Srodmiescie is where youll find some of the main Warsaw tourist attractions and monuments, like the Palace of Culture and Science, and lots of shopping, especially at the huge Zlote Tarasy shopping mall. There are also all sorts of businesses, cafes, and some of the best restaurants in Warsaw. Its a stones throw away from Lazienki, the citys largest park, where youll find the Palace on the Water, Belweder Palace , and the University of Warsaw campus. Definitely a true mix of people going about their day. There are plenty of excellent spots for people watching, and we suggest hunkering down at one of the Wedel cafes, a Polish hallmark chocolate manufacturer. Pro tip: try Wedels smooth and creamy hot chocolate!

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Visit The Old Town Market Square

One of the nicest places to visit in Warsaw Old Town is Market Square .

It was completely destroyed during WW2, but rebuilt not long after the war.

It was built to closely resemble its pre-war appearance and itâs strange because you can tell itâs meant to be old fashioned, but certainly feels relatively new!

Especially if youâre used to visiting typical Old Towns in other European cities.

Here youâll find cafes and bars to relax in .

In winter, when we visited, it was home to a small ring of Christmas market food stalls and in the middle was a big ice rink!

Fifth Pro Landmarks Are Right Here

Numerous attractions are worth seeing and getting to them should be painless if you live nearby, in the city centre. The same goes for clubs, restaurants, pubs, shops, boutiques and other venues. Museums and concert halls are also located in Downtown. Thus, if you wish to get the most from your visit to the capital, try to reserve a spot at a Warsaw hotel city centre.

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What Are The Most Important Things To Consider When Picking A District In Warsaw

As you already understood from the introduction of this article, I value a lot taking the right decision when it comes to choosing the perfect district in Warsaw. After all, youve got to live in it. If you dont like your district, you are not going to like your home.

According to a research by real estate agents Metrohouse& Partnerzy, the most valued characteristics of a neighborhood are: good communication, developed retail and services, closeness of green areas, education infrastructure and health infrastructure .

Praga Coolest Place To Stay In Warsaw

Visit Warsaw – 5 Tips for Visiting Warsaw, Poland

Praga is on the other side of the river in as much as some places are considered the wrong side of the tracks. It has a long reputation of being unsafe and seedy. So why are we sending you there?

As with many districts considered undesirable, low rents attracted younger people and artistic types. This led to a cultural resurgence in the area, and earns it the title of the coolest neighbourhood to stay in Warsaw!

While the streets themselves look unchanged from the 1940s, with bullet holes to match , if you scratch the surface, there are gems to be unearthed.

The building may look dilapidated from the outside, but the courtyards inside are a riot of colour and greenery.

The Soho Factory is a new addition to Warsaw but is one that no visitor to Praga should miss. Like a gallery, exhibition centre and educational facility in one, it aims to nurture and showcase artistic sensibilities, outside the confines of a museum.

You can browse the stalls of Bazar Rozyckiego, the oldest market in the city. Or head to Kino Praha, the alternative cinema, and hope youre there at the right time for one of their eclectic festivals or events!

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Srodmiescie Where To Stay In Warsaw On A Budget

Actually a bigger district that completely encompasses the Old Town, Srodmiescie is the large central area of the city. The name literally means downtown, and its rather apt!

Considered the liveliest and most dynamic, its the best place to stay in Warsaw when youre on a budget.

Not only is accommodation fairly cheap here , but all the sights youll want to see are in walking distance. Many of those sights are free, in fact double bonus!

Its eastern border runs along the riverbank so youve also got some of that nightlife flair going on, as well as all the history of Old Town.

The universities and higher learning institutions of Srodmiescie contribute further to the youthful vibe of the borough.

Srodmiescie is also home to Poznanska Street, the vibrant stretch that has more than its share of bars and restaurants. Its Middle Eastern offerings are particularly well-known.

Failing that, if youre just in the mood for a few drinks, Plac Zbawiciela is your go-to. Heres where you can spend the zloty that you saved on accommodation!

Srodmiescie Pnocne For First

The heart of the city is Srodmiescie, and if you want to find an answer on where to stay in Warsaw without having to think or research much, you can zero in one of the hotels in Srodmiescie. Be assured that if you pick a hotel in this neighbourhood, your transportation and food are sorted at once, and also anything else that you might need.

The area is home to Warsaws top attractions including the Palace of Culture & Science and Nowy Swiat area. Plus, you will have easy access to local transport, thanks to Warszawa Centralna or the Warsaw Central Station, the citys central hub.

Whether you are spending a few hours or three days in Warsaw, you will step into this neighbourhood for sure, and its charm will make you fall love with the city as you come across glitzy shops, trendy bars and beer cafes which keep up Warsaws nightlife buzzing and exciting.

Best hotels in Srodmiescie

The accommodation prices in Warsaw are relatively low compared to other European capital cities. Nevertheless, Srodmiescie is home to the most expensive hotels in the city. You can find some of the best luxury 5-star hotels in Warsaw as well as some top hostels here. Given its popularity, you need to make bookings well in advance if you intend to secure the best prices during summer.

Best hostels in Srodmiescie

Warsaw Hostel Centrum | Rating 8.9/10 Warsaw Hostel Centrum is one of the cool hostels in Srodmiescie, quite popular among solo travelers. Clean, well-maintained dorms and bathrooms.

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The 4 Best Locations In Warsaw For Tourists First Time Visit

Warsaw has 18 districts, each one suitable for certain needs. Old Town, which is in ródmiecie, is one of the citys most popular tourist spots. Its a charming place with a long list of attractions.

The northern downtown part of Warsaw is where most of the accommodation is. It includes the region between the Central Train Station and Old Town. This area is where you will find some iconic attractions like the Presidential Palace and the Palace of Culture and Science.

If you wish to stay away from the busy city centre, downtown south is an excellent idea. Even though its part of the capital, it has a more serene environment. New Town is almost as interesting as Old Town, but it doesnt have the convenience of a well-linked transport system.

Mirow is another neighbourhood to consider when you want access to Warsaws downtown. You will find a majority of the major hotels in this section.

Where To Stay In Warsaw On A Budget Praga Poludnie Or Praga Plnoc

Where to Stay in Warsaw on Your First Trip

The art centre of Warsaw, Praga is, also the best for budget trips. The district lies on River Vistulas right side and is divided into two Praga Pólnoc and Praga Poludnie. The North, Pólnoc is growing into a favourite for artists, with ateliers and galleries lining the streets. To the south, Poludnie, you have residential properties and decent dining establishments. The zoo, Praski Park and Skaryszewski Park are examples of places to visit in Praga.

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Best Area For Modernist Architecture: Saska Kpa

Over on the eastern bank of the Vistula, the interwar suburb of Saska Kpa is a unique and period piece, boasting street after leafy street of Bauhaus-inspired, white-cube urban villas. It’s only a short tram ride from the centre, and there are enough chic cafés on Saska Kpa’s main street to ensure that there’s always something going on this side of the river.

Self-catering in suburbia: Saska Kepa Apartmenty

Saska Kpa Apartamenty offers smart and airy two-person studios and four-person apartments in a quiet residential street by the river, convenient for local cafés and tram stops too.

Discover The Warsaw Uprising Museum

If you have just one day in the city, then one of the top things to do in Warsaw is to head to the Warsaw Uprising Museum.

It gives you a massive crash course in Polish history during and after WW2.

Of course, the main focus of the museum is on the Warsaw Uprising which occured in the summer of 1944.

Up until that point, the German army had occupied Warsaw and killed hundreds of thousands of local civilians and troops in an effort to bring it to heel.

For years the Polish underground resistance lay in wait for their opportunity to strike and the museum carefully chronicles all stages of the war and the movement.

All exhibits are in both Polish and English and I would say that you need a good couple of hours here to see everything in-depth.

Entrance is 25 PLN per person and itâs possible to rent audio guides.

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Continue Reading To Find Out More About

Above all, it’s an increasingly engaging summertime city, thanks to its riverside bars, expansive parks, strollable urban spaces and surprisingly wonderful ice cream. Alongside these attractions, come fine accommodation choices suited to whichever aspect of the city you would like to experience. Here’s our guide to the best places to stay in Warsaw.

Check Out The Presidential Palace

Warsaw Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

Another grandiose building to visit in Warsaw is the Presidential Palace.

Itâs one of the seemingly few buildings in Warsaw that wasnât devastated during the German occupation though it was apparently further rebuilt and expanded following the war.

We werenât able to go into the palace, but itâs nice to view from the outside and we conveniently got to walk straight past it on the short journey from the Warsaw Old Town to our hotel on Nowy Åwiat.

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Grab A Cocktail At Max & Dom Whisky

As mentioned above, I recommend staying somewhere either in the Old Town or on Nowy Åwiat.

Itâs just outside the Old Town and has a big row of shops, restaurants and bars.

After strolling down the street we found Max & Dom Whisky, a really cool cocktail bar with hundreds of bottles of spirits lining the walls and central carousel.

I donât think Iâve ever seen such a wide selection of alcohol in one place, and the bartenders are able to make you literally any cocktail you could want.

I recommend the caipirinha and pisco sours, the perfect way to end a day in Warsaw.

Best Things To Do In Warsaw In One Day: Full Itinerary

At the end of our 3 month road trip around Scandinavia, we were excited for one last stop before returning to Lithuania


Prior to this we had never even been to Poland before, and were keen to see at least one small part of the country.

However, we had little idea of what to do in Warsaw in just one day, so did a lot of digging around online.

And, in the end, we were not disappointed!

Warsaw has had an incredibly tumultuous history over the last 100 years with most of the city being destroyed by the Nazis back in WW2.

The Warsaw you see today is actually relatively modern however they have maintained much of the typical old town charm you would expect to find in a historic European city.

And with just one day to spend there, itâs important you get to see and experience as much as possible!

So, hereâs a rundown of what I believe to be the 9 best things to do in Warsaw in one day!

Before we get stuck in, hereâs a few quick travel tips to help you make the most of your visit to Warsaw …

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